Tchaï of the Tiger

Tchai of the Tiger: an organic black tea from India with spices

In 2020, our love for organic black tea and for environmental commitments led us to collaborate with WWF France to create an organic black tea with spices and a definitive commitment.

For each box purchased, € 1 is donated to the TX2 project which aims to contribute to

the protection of wild tigers, an emblematic species of tea-producing regions. 

Tsarvena bio

Tsarevna, our Christmas organic spicy black tea

Tsarevna becomes the star at Kusmi every winter.

Our Christmas spiced black tea comes back every year in a new box.

One year, one world, and still the same iconic recipe for organic black tea with orange peel.

Do you also look out every year for this organic black tea that smells like the holidays?

Sweet Love

Sweet Love, our black tea with pink pepper, guarana and spices

You would not expect to find a spicy black tea in this bright pink box. And yet, our Sweet Love is one of our legendary black teas combining spices, guarana, liquorice and pink pepper.

Kashmir Tchaï

Kashmir Tchaï, our spicy black tea

Kashmir Tchaï is the oldest of all our black teas, and one of the oldest Kusmi blends. For the record, the origins of the Kashmir Tchaï spicy black tea come from the age of the tea caravans which traversed the whole of Asia and as far as Russia overland. For those who like things sweet, it is good to know that chai black tea is traditionally drunk in India and Nepal with a cloud of milk and a touch of sugar

Historical organic black teas

Bouquet de Fleurs N°108 bio vrac

Organic Bouquet of Flowers N° 108

This organic black tea flavoured with citrus fruits and flowers called Bouquet of Flowers was our first Kusmi blend, it's true! Who said organic black tea is too strong for you? This organic black tea with flowery and fruity flavours of bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin and ylang ylang puts the "Flower (& fruit) Power" in the spotlight. If you are not a big fan of full-bodied black teas, try flavoured black teas which will give you the benefits of black tea while giving you the taste you want.

Anastasia vrac

Prince Vladimir and Anastasia

Prince Vladimir and Anastasia together form the star couple of Kusmi. These two organic black teas win unanimous support among citrus fans. On the one hand, Anastasia is a black tea with bergamot, lemon and orange blossom flavour. On the other hand, Prince Vladimir is an organic black tea that blends bergamot, grapefruit and lime.

Saint-Pétersbourg vrac

St Petersburg

While Kusmi is Made in Normandy, our origins are in Russia and more precisely in St Petersburg, the city of our birth. It was therefore only natural that we would pay homage to our home city with an exceptional black tea.

St Petersburg is a gourmet Earl Grey black tea with notes of caramel, vanilla and red fruits.