Black tea, an effective antioxidant?

Black tea, an effective antioxidant

"Beauty also comes from plants'. It sounds like the slogan of a natural cosmetics brand, but it can (also) work completely with tea.

Because the tea plants, from which the dried leaves we consume are extracted, contain molecules that are particularly beneficial to our bodies. These molecules are called antioxidants (polyphenols) which have multiple health benefits. We explain it all to you in detail.

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Why is black tea an antioxidant?


Antioxidants are present in many edible plants, fruits and vegetables... and tea is no exception! These molecules, called polyphenols, are produced by the tea plant to defend itself against various external attacks: fungi, insects, diseases... In humans, this "shield" role is just as beneficial, since it helps to fight against another form of aggression: free radicals. These are unstable compounds that form as a result of UV radiation, radiation, smoking, exposure to air pollution, inflammation, etc. and accumulate in the body, causing damage to the cells. This is called oxidative stress. In a figurative way, it is like rust on metal.



What are antioxidants used for? What effect do they have on our health?


Antioxidants act on several levels of the body. On the skin, by preserving its youthfulness, fighting against skin slackening and the formation of wrinkles. On the heart, by preserving the arteries and lowering bad cholesterol levels. On the eyes, they prevent cell degeneration. And finally, on the entire body. By preserving the youthfulness of cells, they play a key role in the prevention of cancer, inflammatory or cardiovascular diseases...



What is the antioxidant power of black tea?


The high content of flavonoids in black tea, an antioxidant that attacks bad cholesterol, is believed to be particularly effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. If they are responsible for the astringency of black tea, tannins are also powerful antioxidants that eliminate bacteria, particularly oral bacteria. Drinking black tea helps to keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthy. Finally, the antioxidants present in black tea act against free radicals, which threaten our cells and are suspected of causing numerous diseases (arthritis, cancer, etc.). Filling up on antioxidants, by eating fruit, vegetables and drinking tea, allows us to have a balanced diet, to try to limit the risks.



What is the difference with the antioxidants in green tea?


While all teas have interesting antioxidants, green tea contains the most. This is due to the difference in the way tea is made. Unlike black tea, which undergoes complete natural oxidation (blackening of the tissues), green tea's oxidation is stopped after plucking. The tea leaves are "seized" by heat in order to keep their properties intact. The result: the antioxidants are even more present. Thus, green tea is reputed to help strengthen the immune system, fight against ageing, while encouraging weight loss. Within the family of green teas, matcha tea is said to be the richest in antioxidants. This explains why it is increasingly used in natural skin and hair care products. We encourage you to try it at home!



Choose your black tea carefully to get the most out of its benefits


At Kusmi, we recommend that you choose organic black tea, if possible in bulk. This way, you are sure to consume a quality, pesticide-free and environmentally friendly tea.



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