Keeping tea fresher in the most hygienic way possible with packaging that is 100% free of plastic isn't easy. We will not admit defeat: we keep in mind a "zero waste" objective and we are currently studying several techniques to reduce or even completely eliminate the use of plastic. We are on the right track since today we offer recyclable cardboard packaging and a range of organic loose teas packaged in metal containers, a material that can be endlessly recycled. We have recently replaced the plastic placed inside and outside our tea boxes with a metal lid system which aims to conserve loose tea. 

In addition, we also prefer plant origin packaging, such as polylactic acid (PLA), now used for all of our sachets. PLA is a bio-based and 100% biodegradable material.

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Stronger against breast cancer, together

For more than four years, Kusmi Tea has supported the "Le Cancer du Breast, Parlons-en!" association (Breast Cancer, Let's Talk About It). recently known as "the Ruban Rose association". Founded by the Estée Lauder group and the Marie Claire magazine, it works alongside women, researchers and doctors in the prevention of this disease. Each year, as part of the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, known as Pink October, Kusmi Tea donates 100% of the profits from a limited series solidarity product developed for the occasion to the association.

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