How much black tea should I drink per day?

How much black tea should I drink per day

"I think I have to stop now, I've had too much black tea. Unlike coffee, this is a phrase you rarely see uttered. Addicted to black tea and its benefits?  You won't be risking much by drinking a good quantity of it. Nevertheless, we prefer to take stock of what is recommended due to the presence of theine (caffeine) contained in this much-loved drink...

Can you drink several cups of black tea in a day? Is there a recommended amount for health? What are the risks of drinking too much black tea? How many cups do you need to drink to enjoy all its benefits? Kusmi tells you more.

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To each his own, according to his habits 


Whether it's every morning at breakfast, or more occasionally at tea time, it's primarily for its taste that people prefer black tea. The most widely consumed variety in France today, black tea is appreciated for its strong personality: intense, richly aromatic and malty flavours. If we drink it so regularly, it is also because we know that black tea is good for us. It is a hydrating drink, which can be drunk unsweetened, and is known for its benefits. In addition to its stimulating effect (thanks to the little boost of energy!), black tea is said to fight against diabetes (it regulates blood sugar), cholesterol, headaches and anxiety. You can therefore safely consume 4 to 5 cups of black tea a day. (If they are small cups, you can count on a little more!)



To each according to the time of day


The reason why you may want to reduce your consumption of black tea is your sensitivity to theine. Theine is present in black tea leaves and is released when they are immersed in hot water. This gives us a welcome boost of energy during the day... Except that the stimulation felt, the rate of absorption, and the tolerance will be different for everyone. People who are sensitive to theine, and who may fear having trouble falling asleep, will prefer to drink black tea only in the morning. It is therefore recommended that you test to identify your theine tolerance threshold.

Did you know that theine and caffeine are derived from the same molecule? Yes, they are! However, caffeine does not have the same effects on the body as theine. It is generally said that caffeine is exciting while theine is stimulating. This is something to bear in mind when choosing the drink that will give you energy during the day!

To make the most of the benefits of black tea, it is generally recommended to drink a cup in the morning to wake up energetic but gently. The rest of the day is best spent drinking green or white tea.



To each according to their state of health 


Pregnant women

Another group of people who may want to reduce their intake of theine is pregnant women, for whom doctors generally recommend reducing their intake to two cups of black tea a day.



People on medication or anaemia

Similarly, if you are taking medication, it is advisable to check with your doctor whether certain foods or drinks can influence the activity of a drug by attenuating, slowing down or, on the contrary, reinforcing one or more of its effects. For example, coffee or alcohol may increase some of the side effects of a drug. This is very rarely the case with tea, but if in doubt, ask your doctor! One of the best-known interferences is not to take iron (as a food supplement) with tea, as this inhibits its absorption by the body.



Everyone should (also) think of alternatives


If for some reason you have to reduce your consumption of black tea, and you are afraid of going without, there are several hot drinks that can be tried as alternatives.




We particularly recommend Rooibos (tea without theine), a shrub of the acacia family, whose tiny pine needle-like leaves grow only in South Africa. Its non-bitter, earthy taste may remind some of black tea. The only difference? It contains no theine (caffeine) and can therefore be consumed at any time of the day!



Herbal teas and infusions

Another option is the multitude of herbal teas or infusions. There are so many different tastes to try, and each one has its own health benefits... which are just waiting to be verified!



Detoxified black tea

Finally, if you need to, you can also detheinate black tea, to reduce the presence of theine, while preserving the flavours and aromas of the leaves.  A detheinated black tea has no stimulating effect, so you can drink it at any time of the day, including the evening, without risk of affecting your sleep! How to make it? Simply brew your black tea once, then discard the water containing theine. Then keep the same bag and brew your tea a second time in new water.



A reminder of the benefits of black tea


Black tea has many health benefits. Starting with its stimulating effect already mentioned above. It is also said to improve digestion and regulate blood sugar and cholesterol. Rich in antioxidants, it is said to fight against premature cell ageing and the development of certain diseases.



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