The benefits of black tea on digestion and stomach

The benefits of black tea on digestion and stomach

Although it is drunk primarily for its rich, full-bodied taste, black tea, like its cousins green and white teas, is also known for its beneficial effects on the body and health. Thanks to its supposed anti-stress and anti-oxidant properties, black tea leaves could have a positive effect on our digestion. Explanations. 



Does black tea have an effect on digestion?


In many Asian countries, black tea is drunk at the table to replace water and accompany salty dishes. Except at breakfast, where it has a place of choice because of the calm energy it provides. A good start to the day! This is a good habit to keep, because in the morning, our digestion would be well under way. Rich in tannins, which are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, black tea is said to promote good digestion. It is even said to be very effective in the event of stomach aches or a somewhat heavy digestion. Useful for meals that are a little too heavy, isn't it?



Does black tea cause constipation?


No, in fact the opposite is true. Drinking black tea provides the body with water, and keeping it as hydrated as possible is a good way to prevent constipation. While one in five people in France suffer regularly from constipation, other recommendations can help improve intestinal transit: resuming physical activity and adopting a suitable diet, rich in fibre (the famous prunes!). Not surprisingly, as is often the case, a healthy lifestyle helps your digestion.



Does black tea speed up transit?


Yes, because the theine (or caffeine, as it is the same molecule) contained in black tea is known to have a laxative effect: it speeds up intestinal transit. Black tea thus helps to combat constipation. Note that adding honey or molasses (sugar cane syrup) to your tea can improve its laxative properties. It is also known that another molecule present in black tea, theanine, has a relaxing effect on the brain. Stress can be responsible for certain digestive disorders. Relying on the supposed anti-stress properties of tea would be a good way to prevent this...


Did you know that?

Theine and caffeine are in fact derived from the same molecule! The difference is that they do not have the same effects on the body. Theine stimulates and is released gradually over time, whereas caffeine excites and is available very quickly.



Is drinking a lot of black tea bad for the digestive system?


The laxative effect of hot or iced black tea is quite mild. Sufficient to prevent constipation, but not so strong as to disrupt the transit and cause side effects. Most people can drink 3 to 4 cups of tea a day without side effects. (If they are small cups, you can count on a little more!) If you have health concerns, and are on medical treatment, don't hesitate to ask your doctor anyway.


thé noir est aussi diurétique ?



Why is black tea also a diuretic?


Black tea not only has effects on the digestive system, but also on the urinary system. Known to hydrate the body, it stimulates the functioning of the kidneys, while promoting the elimination of toxins. Its diuretic effect consists in eliminating more water and salt than usual. By eliminating salt more quickly, blood pressure is lowered, which is beneficial to the cardiovascular system. The downside, however, is that by eliminating water more efficiently, you become dehydrated more quickly. It is therefore recommended not to drink only tea during the day, but to alternate with water, which is more hydrating in the long term.



Choosing the right black tea: opt for organic


To get the most out of a cup of black tea, we recommend that you choose organic tea. This designation guarantees quality control during production and processing. This ensures that you are buying tea leaves that are free of pesticides.

As you can see, drinking black tea has a beneficial effect on digestion and transit. With its many health benefits, it is recommended for use after heavy meals or stomach aches. It's enough to dethrone green and white teas.



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