Our best hot matcha recipes

Our best hot matcha tea recipes | Kusmi Tea

Do you like the aroma of matcha and its stimulating effect? This Japanese green tea powder has conquered the world. What's the secret to making a good hot matcha? Kusmi reveals its best traditional and modern recipes.

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What is matcha tea?

In Japan, the Samurai made matcha tea sacred through the tea ceremony. Before harvesting, the tea plants from which matcha is made are covered with shades to protect their leaves from the light. This process increases the amount of chlorophyll and amino acids in the leaves, giving it its jade green colour and light taste.

The more intense the colour of the matcha powder, the more you are sure to drink a quality matcha tea!

Hot matcha tea: the traditional recipe

This energy drink is a powerful antioxidant that is good for your health. Depending on your mood, matcha can be drunk hot or cold!

Matcha tea contains tannins, compounds that limit the absorption of iron in the blood. Tannins bind to iron to form a complex that makes it impossible for it to dissolve in our bodies. Tannins are also found in black teas, but also in red wine and coffee.

Did you know?

Chefs sometimes include matcha in their recipes to add a touch of originality to their dishes or desserts: matcha madeleines, tiramisus... With a little imagination, anything is possible!

Discover below the 5 steps to follow to prepare a good hot matcha tea:

In a bowl, pour a little cold water.

• Add 1 to 2 g of Japanese green tea powder with a chasaku (bamboo spatula).

• Whip the mixture with a chasen (bamboo whisk) until it foams.

• Gradually add hot water (no more than 80°), while whisking. Wheat...

All that's left to do is enjoy your hot matcha with its slightly bitter notes.

Hot matcha tea: original recipes

Matcha latte

Would you like to prepare a more original matcha? We suggest our matcha latte recipe. This hot drink, which is very popular, is served with a dash of milk (vegetable or not).

• Heat half a glass of milk in a saucepan over low heat.

• After a few minutes, pour the hot milk into a cup or bowl.

• Add a tablespoon of organic matcha tea.

• Stir the mixture with a chasen until you have a smooth drink.

• Relax and enjoy your hot matcha latte.

Matcha hot chocolate

Invented by Jean-Paul Hévin, a French artisan chocolatier and pastry chef, the matcha hot chocolate recipe is sure to please even the greediest among you!

It is made from South American chocolate (Venezuela or Colombia) with a low cocoa butter content.

Kusmi reveals the recipe of Chef Hévin, who worked at the Peltier house in Japan:

Pour 2 dl of milk into a saucepan and heat it over low heat.

• Add 2 spoons of South American cocoa.

• Whisk the mixture.

• Remove the pan from the heat when the mixture comes to a boil.

• Continue whisking off the heat to emulsify and oxygenate the material.

• Pour the hot chocolate into a cup.

• Prepare your matcha tea the traditional way in a separate bowl.

• Place a few spoonfuls of matcha on the surface of the hot chocolate.

Drink your matcha hot chocolate and let yourself be carried away by this subtle blend. Kusmi Tea, an organic matcha made in France

At Kusmi, we offer you a high quality organic matcha. All our products are made in Normandy and are certified organic in favour of sustainable and eco-responsible agriculture. Indulge yourself with our range of matcha with intense flavours!

All you have to do is try our different recipes of hot matcha! This traditional Japanese drink, with its slightly bitter taste, goes perfectly with milk or chocolate. Let yourself be surprised by the smoothness of organic matcha tea with its many flavours!

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