How to prepare matcha tea properly?

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multiple health benefits

How to prepare matcha tea properly?

To prepare matcha tea in the right way, follow the traditional Japanese ceremony or revisit it in a more original way. With water for the classic version or milk for the latte version, there is no shortage of recipes for preparing matcha. Looking for inspiration? Kusmi shares with you all the secrets of preparing green tea powder!

The ancient matcha tea ceremony

Have you ever heard of the tea ceremony? It was established at the end of the 15th century in the Kansai province of Japan by the Japanese tea master Sen No Rikyū . Subsequently, three schools united under the name San-Senke took up his teachings. Each had a different ritual for preparing matcha.

While some still try to follow the traditional ceremony, others opt for a more modern preparation. Nowadays, matcha tea is not only consumed in Japan. People all over the world are enjoying this beneficial drink!

The importance of water temperature

In order not to damage the matcha leaves, we recommend that the water temperature does not exceed 80°C. Water between 70°C and 75°C is ideal. If the water is too hot, your drink may be bitter. If you cannot adjust the temperature of your kettle, we recommend that you let it cool down slightly once the water is boiling.

Making matcha the traditional way

For you, matcha means traditional preparation? Discover the two ways to obtain a delicious drink.

You'll need a bowl or cup, a bamboo chasen (a matcha whisk) and a special matcha spoon.

Follow our guide to choosing quality matcha.

Usucha for a smooth and light matcha

This is the most common method in Japan :

Pour 1 teaspoon of matcha (about 2 g) into a bowl using a chashaku (bamboo spoon):

1- Add 75 ml of hot water (between 70 and 80°).

2- Hold the chasen (bamboo whisk) with two fingers and stir the matcha while moving your forearm.) A foam and bubbles will form.

3- Mix with a chasen.

4- Crush the bubbles on the surface while mixing more slowly.

5- Form a Z shape on the foam and raise your whisk in a vertical movement.

6- Take the time to enjoy your matcha in a cup or bowl specially designed for this purpose.

Koicha for an intense aroma

By using this method, you will enjoy a thicker drink, containing a larger amount of matcha tea.

Matcha latte is very popular in Europe. For a quick and easy preparation, follow the guide.

1- In a bowl or cup, pour 3 spoons of premium matcha (between 3 and 5 g).

2- Add a tablespoon of hot water (between 70 and 80°).

3- Mix with a chasen.

4- Add another tablespoon of hot water.

5- Mix again, without whisking, in a figure of eight.

6- Make sure you get a smooth texture without bubbles.

7- Drink: you will feel the full aroma of the matcha in your mouth.

How do you make a smooth matcha tea without whisking?

You don't have the traditional utensils to prepare matcha tea? Don't panic, you can use a blender for a quick preparation.

Place 2 teaspoons of green tea powder in your blender:

1- Add 75 ml of water simmering at 75°.

2- Blend everything together.

3- Pour the creamy matcha into a bowl.

4- Enjoy this unique tasting drink.

How do I make a matcha latte?

Matcha latte is very popular in Europe. For a quick and easy preparation, follow the guide.

1- In a bowl, pour 1 teaspoon of matcha.

2- Add a dab of milk of your choice (vegetable or not).

3- Mix with a ditty or blender.

4- Enjoy your delicious matcha latte.

For more details on the matcha latte recipe, click here! Discover also the matcha with coconut milk recipe and many others with our ideas for using matcha in cooking.

Ready to enjoy a good matcha? Whether it is prepared in a traditional or modern way, this emerald-coloured nectar is so rich in benefits that it is enjoyed all over the world! Choose Kusmi Tea's organic matcha tea, a green and intense powder that guarantees you a quality matcha tea! In a latte version, iced or more classic with just water, all palates will be satisfied. A good alternative to the traditional cup of coffee.

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