Choose the right organic tea: full-bodied, strong or mild?

Thé du matin

A need for full-bodied tea: which organic black tea should you choose?

If you love thrills, go for a full-bodied organic tea. Whether spiced, flavoured or natural, some of our organic teas are bound to satisfy your cravings and become your morning allies. If intense flavour is what you’re after, you’ll find it in our two organic bergamot black teas: organic Earl Grey and Earl Grey Intense. Do you need a full-bodied organic tea for tough mornings? Our Thé du matin n°24 is a clever blend of three organic black teas: Grand Yunnan, organic Ceylan with its round and chocolatey taste, and Assam black tea with its full-bodied flavour. As for English Breakfast, it’s a cross between full-bodied and strong black tea: it combines strong-flavoured Ceylan black tea and full-bodied Assam black tea.

Tchai of the tiger

The art of strong organic tea: organic spiced teas

Between organic full-bodied tea and organic delicate tea, there is a whole world: the world of organic strong tea. With Kusmi, discover the power of tea thanks to our spiced teas. Try our organic spiced black tea called Tchaï of the Tiger. The power of this black tea lies in its blend of organic spices: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black and pink pepper. The spices are all organic and ensure a surprising balance between strength and gentleness, inspired by the mesmerizing feline that the tea helps protect.  

Choosing the right organic mild tea:

which organic white tea should you choose?

Do you need an organic mild tea? No doubt about it: you should try white tea. Organic white tea is a light tea with a subtle yet voluptuous flavour, and it is much weaker than other teas because it’s less oxidised. If you’re drawn to what’s rare and delicate, follow us over to our range of organic white teas. Do you know Anastasia? White Anastasia is the white-as-snow version of its older sister. The outcome? A bergamot- and orange blossom-flavoured refined and delicate organic white tea. If you love tropical flavours, our organic Tropical White, a mango and passionfruit white tea, is made for you. Good news for impatient souls: white tea is brewed for only three minutes.

How to choose the right white tea? We’re here to answer all your questions.

Which flavoured organic tea to choose?

Thé vert aromatisé

Organic flavoured green teas

Its unrivalled flavour and many benefits make organic green tea a safe bet. At Kusmi, green tea knows how to win hearts over. Flavoured with rose, lemon, or mint or blended with organic maté: there’s an organic green tea for everyone. With all our organic flavoured green teas, you are spoilt for choice. For the shyest among you, great classics will undoubtedly hit the spot and you can choose between organic mint green tea, organic rose green tea, and organic ginger and lemon green tea. You should also try the combination of organic green tea and maté thanks to our organic Detox. And since orange, lemon and grapefruit have many fans, we also have organic citrus fruit green teas. Our organic green tea called Troïka, for example, offers a subtle blend of three citrus fruits: bergamot, orange and tangerine. 

Thé noir aromatisé

Organic flavoured black teas

If you’re new to tea and want to give organic black tea a try, go for flavoured teas. How about a black tea with floral notes? Our organic Bouquet de Fleur N°108 blends orange, lemon, lime, tangerine and bergamot with the floral sweetness of ylang-ylang on a base of Early Grey organic black tea. Organic black tea can also be on the sweet side, as is the case of our organic red fruit black tea, which will undoubtedly bring to mind your favourite pastries.

Les notes gourmandes

Indulgent notes

Before going to sleep, many of us like to curl up in bed with a flavoursome organic herbal tea. Our almond rooibos and vanilla rooibos are two regressive herbal teas that are as comforting as can be. We can’t talk about sweet treats without mentioning our organic herbal tea called Sweet Break and its biscuit notes.

Les notes épicées

Spiced notes

Guess what? An organic tea can also spice up your day. Only Spices is the perfect example of a theine-free herbal tea that’s full of kick, with its blend of seven organic spices. As for Happy Mind, it may not contain any theine, but it will help you wake up effectively yet gently thanks to the ginger, turmeric, moringa and essential hint of chilli.

Fruity notes 

At Kusmi, we’re thrilled that our organic herbal teas with fruity notes are winning over people’s hearts. Are you one of those people? Which fruity organic herbal tea should you choose? AquaExotica, our organic herbal tea with exotic flavours, will make you re-live your holiday under the palm trees. If you want to discover the joys of super foods, go for our organic fruity herbal tea called AquaFrutti

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Fabrication made in France

Organic green tea, organic black tea… all flavoured and packaged in Normandy

If you’re asking yourself which organic tea to choose, choose made-in-Normandy with Kusmi. An French organic tea made in Normandy, you ask? Yes, it’s possible! It is in Saint-Vigor d’Ymonville near Le Havre that our brand (which became French in 2003) designs, creates, blends, flavours and packages the tea. Our tea bags and organic herbal teas are also made in France.


Packaged organic tea is good, but plastic-free organic tea is better.

We’re not huge fans of plastic. But let’s be honest, doing away with it completely is quite the challenge in the food industry. Our solution? An iron will and a zero-waste goal at the forefront of our minds at all times. As such, our organic tea bags are made with polylactic acid (PLA), an organically sourced and 100% degradable material, and are packaged in recyclable cardboard. The good news? Kusmi’s organic loose-leaf tea is 100% plastic-free because it is packaged in tins made from metal, which is infinitely recyclable. 

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