Reuse: how can you give your Kusmi tea canister a second life?

The Kusmi Tea canister | Kusmi Tea

As we increasingly look to reduce our waste and give things a second life, here are some great ideas for recycling your tea canisters. Kusmi Tea canisters are popular for their colours, their sleek design and their stackability, making them easy to place around your home. If not, remember to throw the metal canisters into your recycling bin. Tutorial time and long live DIY!


1/ Refill your tea canister with loose leaf.

We start with the obvious, but why not refill your tea canister... with tea? All teas are also sold loose at Kusmi in order to reduce use of packaging. An economical, practical and ecological solution that works forever! The recyclable metal tea canisters are specially designed to keep loose-leaf tea away from moisture or heat in order to retain all of the tea's flavour. Of course, this also applies to other foodstuffs (lentils, rice, seeds, legumes, etc.), and adding a label to everything. 

2/ Make a pencil box.

The lazy DIY: keep the tea canister as it is, you don't need to change anything, except what you put inside it! It can be pens, markers, chalk, coloured pencils. But it could just as well be cutlery or dried flowers. Children can keep their small toys or first treasures there (beads, stones, shells, etc.). 

3/ Make a candle.


 It's not just jam jars that can be rescued and turned into candle holders, it also works with tea canisters. To avoid getting hot wax all over the place, or drowning the wick, we recommend that you follow some DIY advice. At least the first time. Here is a very detailed description, where each step is illustrated with a photo. Thanks to Soho Hana! Looking for a DIY candle? You came to the right place. 

4/ Grow a plant in it.

More original than terracotta pots, more aesthetic than plastic pots, tea canisters can hold plants and add attraction. Follow the guide with this article which details how to replant a cactus, and how to grow mint in the canister. Tip: you can even buy already ripe mint if you don't have the patience to grow it!

5/ How about a
bedside lamp?



Here is a DIY bedside lamp that has the advantage of being original! 

Admittedly, it requires a little more technique, perhaps even the help of an expert, but there are increasingly more “fablab” and manufacture workshops to help you. German blogger, Méli Mélo, explains how she reused the tea canister given to her by a friend by adding a light bulb and an electric cable. She also says her father helped her, in particular to drill the holes for the plug and the cable. Ambitious!