loose leaf tea

Is loose leaf the new consumption phenomenon? While all the newspapers agree that loose leaf is the new trend and the environmentally friendly thing to do to, loose leaf tea is something we have long since advocated. After all, what would Kusmi be without its legendary tea box? Organic loose leaf tea offers many advantages, apart from being eco-friendly, economical and good quality. Tea lovers will certainly not tell you otherwise.


How should loose leaf tea be prepared?


How should you measure the quantity of loose leaf tea?

Are you a little heavy handed? Beware! While it is often tempting to overload your filter with tea leaves to increase flavour, it is not unnecessary. No need to overload your filter, infuser or teapot with tea leaves. So, what is the ideal amount of loose leaf tea for a cuppa? Usually 2-3 g of tea leaves, the equivalent of a teaspoon, is enough for one cup of tea. A 100g tin of tea will provide you with about 40 tea breaks (cups of tea). To make your life easier, try our teaspoon which will allow you to measure a spoonful of your loose leaf tea.



Can loose leaf tea be infused more than once?

While it is possible to "re-infuse" your tea leaves, here at Kusmi we would prefer not to recommend it. To fully enjoy the flavours and aromas of our loose leaf teas, it is best to choose a single infusion. Infusing your organic loose leaf tea several times unfortunately reduce the taste and flavours.


Teapots, Infusers: How should loose leaf tea be brewed?

To prepare your organic loose leaf tea, it is preferable to use teapots with an integrated filter. A teapot will allow you to brew enough loose leaf tea for several cups. For tea breaks for one, or teapots without a filter, choose a tea infuser or tea ball and paper tea filters.

For those who like to be at the cutting edge of technology, try the Origin tea machine, the first tea machine capable of infusing your organic loose leaf teas to perfection and quickly.



How should loose leaf tea be stored?

How should loose leaf tea be properly stored? That is the question! While tea lovers prefer loose leaf tea for the quality of its flavours, the question of its conservation persists. Need advice on how to best preserve your loose leaf tea? A tea box is your best friend for storing loose leaf tea. While you can buy tea refills with Kusmi, make it a habit to pop your loose leaf tea blend into your old tea box. Also keep your loose leaf tea away from humidity or any heat source to best conserve the quality of the flavours.



How should the choice of loose leaf tea be made?

While loose leaf tea is highly appreciated by tea lovers for its dynamic flavours, make your choice organic loose leaf tea. At Kusmi, you will find a wide range of organic loose leaf teas and infusions.


Kusmi organic loose leaf tea

A Kusmi organic loose leaf tea: what could be more natural? Since 2020, Kusmi has taken the organic route. While our tea bases have been organic for a while, our tea boxes are just now bearing new logos: the AB logos for France and Eurofeuille for the European Union. Choosing a Kusmi organic loose leaf tea means enjoying the taste of plants, infusions, fruits, spices and aromas from organic farming, certified by strict specifications established by the European Union.


Organic loose leaf tea Made in Normandy

Your name can be from elsewhere but still be Made in France. While many still don't realise it, Kusmi is a French tea brand. Your organic loose leaf tea is designed, created, blended, flavoured and packaged in Normandy, in Saint-Vigor d´Ymonville, near Le Havre. Learn about our workshops and our French savoir-faire.



3 reasons to choose Kusmi loose leaf tea

Choose loose leaf tea for the planet

It's no longer a myth, choosing loose leaf tea or bulk buying in general allows us to significantly reduce our waste. Less waste and less plastic, for an ever better planet. It is with the conscious goal of "zero waste" that we strongly encourage our tea lovers to choose loose leaf tea. Why? Because loose leaf tea at Kusmi means zero plastic: our tea boxes are made of infinitely recyclable metal. And when you finish your tin of tea, you just have to order or come to the shop to buy your loose leaf tea refills.


Choose loose leaf tea for your wallet

What if we told you that choosing loose leaf tea was also economical? You can refill your tea box in the Kusmi Tea shop or on our website. Enjoy 15% off from 200g, 20% from 300g or 25% from 500g of the same loose leaf tea blend purchased. Makes it worthwhile stocking up on your favourite loose leaf tea blend, doesn't it?


Choose loose leaf tea for the flavours and the choice

Tea lovers generally turn to loose leaf tea for one simple reason; loose leaf tea is the most traditional way to consume tea. Since its origin, tea has been consumed loose; the tea leaves are infused directly into water. Taste also plays a big role because, dare we say it: loose tea is happy tea. By having more room to brew, it develops dynamic flavours and releases essential oils.



At Kusmi, loose leaf tea also offers you a significant advantage, namely choice. More flavoured, plain, spicy loose leaf tea... in short, a wide organic range that is just waiting for you.