Gyokuro tea: a Japanese green tea with multiple benefits

Gyokuro tea

Among the most famous teas in the world, we hope you will try Japanese Gyokuro tea one day. Popular for its fresh and intense fragrance, its leaves are said to have multiple health benefits. While waiting for a next trip to Japan, let's introduce ourselves.



What is Gyokuro tea?


Japanese green teas are numerous, among them you can find the mythical matcha tea, Sencha green tea... but also Goykuro tea. Grown on the island of Kyushu (the most south-western of the Archipelago) in Japan, Gyokuro tea has a name that lives up to its reputation: it means "dew pearl" or "precious rose" in Japanese. What makes it special? It is a "shadow tea". That is to say that tarpaulins or arbours are placed over the plants three weeks before picking. This covered development, under humid heat, by photosynthesis, increases the chlorophyll and theine content, but reduces the tannin content. Only the buds and first leaves are harvested once a year in spring. These thin, flat, emerald-green leaves, which resemble pine needles, are then sorted and selected. They are then dried and steamed to preserve their properties. It is this steaming method, invented almost 300 years ago in Japan, that makes this green tea so special.



Where does Gyokuro come from?


Those who have had the chance to taste it report a very mild, sweet, rich and subtle taste of seaweed, which is highly appreciated by the Japanese. The Japanese use the term "Umami", the fifth taste qualifier, to describe what is "tasty", "spicy", and "pleasant". It is a soft yellow tea with less tannin in the brew than other green teas, so the bitterness is less noticeable. Its high theine content can make it a substitute for coffee. The noblest, most refined and most precious green tea in the Land of the Rising Sun, the nobility of Kyoto (Japan) adopted it and honoured it during highly ritualised tea ceremonies. As a result, Gyokuro has become the emblematic tea to be enjoyed on special occasions in Japan.



What are the health benefits of Gyokuro tea?


Known for its anti-stress and relaxing effect (thanks in particular to the presence of theanine), rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Gyokuro green tea is unanimously appreciated for its taste as well as for its benefits and properties on health and the body. Its high content of polyphenols (also called catechins) is said to help strengthen the immune system, fight premature cell ageing and combat the action of free radicals.

What makes Gyokuro tea special? It is the presence of amino acids (L-Theine) linked to caffeine/theine which have a stimulating role, as well as a supposedly beneficial action on memory and concentration.

A natural source of energy, it gives you the boost you need in the middle of the day. Gyokuro tea is a stimulant, but not a stimulant like coffee. It delivers its tonus in a diffuse way throughout the day.

Like other green teas, Gyokuro is also said to have beneficial effects on digestion and transit. It can therefore be drunk after a rich meal.

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How to prepare Gyokuro tea to enjoy all its benefits?


Gyokuro tea is consumed in the traditional way, by letting the leaves infuse. The water should never be boiling, just simmering, so as not to damage the tea leaves. For a Gyokuro green tea, we recommend a 3 minute infusion in water at 70°. For more details, please refer to the recommendations on the box. In summer, it can also be prepared as an iced tea. Brew four teaspoons of Gyokuro tea in half a litre of simmering water (heated to 70°C). Leave to infuse for 3 minutes before straining. Pour the infusion into a jug filled with ice cubes before serving and enjoying.



Choosing a quality Gyokuro tea? We opt for organic tea


How do you choose this tea, which is already one of the best teas in the world? At Kusmi, we advise you to choose organic products, which guarantee quality. Indeed, an organic tea is a tea whose leaves have undergone numerous quality controls, both within the cultivation and the factories.

Organic farming also guarantees that the best tea leaves and shoots are sorted (sometimes by hand) and that the tea is environmentally friendly. So, to fully appreciate the taste of this Japanese green tea, choose an organic tea in bulk.



Our opinion on Gyokuro green tea


We hope you will enjoy this very special, noble and emblematic Japanese green tea! Its fresh, vegetal and intense taste will delight the finest palates and connoisseurs. Grown under shade, it belongs to the very select family of premium teas and has many health benefits.



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