What are the benefits of Sencha green tea?

All the benefits of Organic Sencha Green Tea | Kusmi Tea

Sencha green tea, also known as "hospitality tea", is a must in Japan and has many surprises in store for us. In addition to its subtle fragrance, its iodine accents and its vegetal notes, Sencha tea is known for its multiple benefits on health and the body.

We explain it all to you.



Sencha green tea: a concentrate of antioxidants to boost your immune system?


Our immune system is an internal army that fights against external diseases. Taking care of it on a daily basis is therefore essential. If there are several solutions to boost your natural defences, such as physical activity and a healthy and varied diet, certain hot drinks such as Sencha green tea can also be beneficial to your health. Why is that? Because Sencha green tea has interesting properties, particularly thanks to its recognised antioxidant powers.

Its polyphenol (catechin) content gives it antioxidant properties and also a beneficial effect on our immune system. It is these polyphenols that effectively promote immunity against foreign pathogens and combat the action of free radicals and premature cell ageing.

Good for the immune system? But what else? The benefits of Japanese green tea leaves are many and may well surprise you...



Organic Sencha green tea is a natural stimulant


In addition to its antioxidant properties that are beneficial to our immune system, Sencha green tea (organic, if you choose Kusmi Sencha) is known to be particularly stimulating due to its caffeine/theine content.

Organic Sencha green tea would therefore be useful for those who lack energy on a daily basis. Unlike coffee, which is a stimulant, this Japanese green tea is a stimulant, i.e. it has much less caffeine than coffee and would therefore be better tolerated by certain profiles. It is an excellent alternative for people who want to reduce their coffee consumption.

The energizing benefits of Sencha green tea are more gentle but longer lasting. Released gradually into the body over a period of 6 hours, theine stimulates concentration and boosts our memory faculties. Sencha green tea is therefore excellent for awakening the senses, while respecting the body.



Does Sencha green tea prevent you from sleeping?

At Kusmi, we tend to say that everyone has a different resistance to caffeine. In order not to have trouble falling asleep, we still advise you to drink your Sencha green tea before 5pm so that you can enjoy its stimulating benefits at the right time of the day.



Evening, noon or morning: when to drink your Sencha tea?

Depending on your tastes and desires, it can be drunk in the morning, at noon or as a snack. But to take full advantage of all the properties of this Japanese green tea, we recommend that you drink it after a meal. Indeed, like its counterparts, Sencha green tea is said to have beneficial effects on digestion and is particularly suitable after a rich meal.



Sencha green tea is good for digestion


Considered as our second brain, our intestine must be pampered. What if Sencha green tea had beneficial effects on digestion? Indeed, Sencha is a very good source of tannins, flavonoids, amino acids and vitamins. All of these nutrients contribute to a well-balanced microbiota!

Thus, regular consumption of quality green tea combined with a balanced lifestyle could contribute to digestive well-being. The good news is that this is particularly true of Japanese green teas, such as Sencha or Matcha, which are rich in nutrients. In short, drinking your Sencha green tea after a meal can't hurt... especially after a rich meal.



Does Sencha green tea make you lose weight?


At Kusmi, we are very cautious about the link between green tea and weight loss. This is simply because it has never been scientifically proven.

Far from being a magic product, Sencha green tea alone will not make you melt in a cup of tea. However, when combined with a balanced and varied diet and sporting activity, Sencha is said to have slimming properties. Indeed, being rich in antioxidants (polyphenols), it supports our metabolism. At the same time, it is said to hydrate effectively and to be a natural diuretic. It could thus help drain you naturally while having beneficial effects on the body's joints.

In short, Sencha has well-known detoxifying and antioxidant benefits. However, Kusmi recommends that you consume it as part of a healthy, balanced diet to maximise its benefits.



Which Sencha green tea should I choose?


We recommend that you choose an organic Sencha tea because of the many quality controls that are carried out during the production and processing of the product. The organic designation guarantees you a good quality green tea without pesticides.



How do you prepare your Sencha tea to get the most out of its benefits?


The way you prepare your Sencha tea (dosage, water temperature and brewing time) will directly influence the taste of the tea when you drink it. The tea will taste stronger and more bitter at higher temperatures and with a longer brewing time. At lower temperatures and with a shorter infusion time, Sencha has a milder, even slightly sweet taste. At Kusmi, we recommend 2g of Sencha tea for 60 ml of water, to be heated for 2 minutes at 70°C. This way, you can make the most of the health benefits of Sencha tea!



Ritual 28: a vitamin C cure that combines pleasure and health


Organic Sencha tea, rich in antioxidants, is also known for its health benefits and has a place in our 4-week vitamin C cure called Ritual 28. Kusmi has decided to revolutionise science without upsetting your daily routine.

With Ritual 28, we help you boost your immune system during a tea break. It's as simple as that! How do you do it? To combine the benefits with the pleasure, we have innovated again. Thanks to a unique, avant-garde process, our organic Sencha green tea leaves are enriched with acerola, one of the richest fruits in vitamin C. Why take a vitamin C cure? Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our well-being and the proper functioning of our immune system. This is one of the reasons why it is strongly recommended in winter.

Seduced by the potential benefits of organic Sencha tea? To take advantage of it, find it among our organic plain teas or in our Sencha green tea with Acerola: Ritual 28.



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