Which black tea to choose? Which is the best?

Which black tea to choose

Black tea is very interesting because it offers very different flavours depending on how it is made. Find out which black tea to choose for a sweet taste or, on the contrary, to enjoy a drink with character. Whatever the time of day, you will always find the right black tea for you.

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The different varieties of black tea


There is a very large variety of black teas! But no tasting without buying and the choice is not always easy. Kusmi Tea will help you find your way around. Discover their taste, flavour, origin and particularities!



Black teas from China

Keemun: this tea comes from the east of China, in a region known for its mountains and its altitude. It will provide woody, fruity and light notes in the mouth.

Lapsang Souchong: Ancestral and consumed for thousands of years by the Chinese, Lapsang Souchong comes from southwest China. Mostly smoked over a pine root fire, this tea is distinguished by its woody and slightly ashy taste.

Yunnan: from the region of the same name, Yunnan tea is a highland tea found in China in a region of mountains, rice fields and lakes. It is characterised by a perfect balance of flavours and a mild, light taste.

Oolong: probably the most floral of the black teas because of its fresh and intense flavour. Between green and black teas, it is perfect for a snack or a break in the day.



Black teas from Japan

Japan Lapsang: Japan Lapsang is a smoked tea from Japan with a pleasant woody taste.

Smoked tea: there are several varieties of smoked tea in Japan. Smoked tea is a tea that undergoes a long period of oxidation and then drying on pine wood and then smoked over a fire. During the brewing process, it generally takes on a dark colour. It is very aromatic and has a woody, smoky taste. You will love it at breakfast and during brunch.



Black teas from India

Darjeeling: this is one of the most prestigious teas in the world. It is produced in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Darjeeling Gardens. It is characterised by a woody, ripe taste.

Assam: Also an exceptional tea with a light colour, Assam tea is grown in the Assam region of India. With a full-bodied taste and a robust body, this black tea is perfect for breakfast. It is particularly appreciated by the English during their famous Tea Time!

Nilgiri: This Indian tea grows on the side of a mountain and benefits from strong sunlight. It has a copper colour and a long, intense taste. Some people find it has spicy notes.



Black teas from Sri Lanka

Ceylon: Produced in the Ceylon region of Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea is considered a great vintage of black teas. It is distinguished by its exotic and aromatic taste as well as its quality!



Which black tea to choose for a moment of sweetness?


If black tea leaves are not oxidised during the manufacturing process, they offer sweet, flowery and smooth notes. What is the best black tea to give you a feeling of well-being?

Darjeeling tea: this is probably the best known black tea in the world. It offers small variations in taste depending on the season in which the leaves are harvested. When they are picked in spring, you can enjoy the greenest of black teas. A cup of Darjeeling tea is fruity and floral, delicate and light.

Keemum tea: also called Qimen Hong Cha, this black tea is deliciously sweet. Connoisseurs have made it one of their favourite teas. In a cup of Keemum, you will discover aromas reminiscent of wine, with delicious floral and fruity flavours.



Which black tea to choose for a drink with character?


If you like tea with body, which black tea is best? It's all a question of taste. Simply choose a tea whose leaves have been oxidised for a longer period of time.

Assam tea: this is a tea with character, with its malty and lively flavours. It is often found in black tea blends, such as English or Irish Breakfast, and is used as a base.

Yunnan black tea: partially fermented, this tea offers original chocolate and malt flavours. Chocolate lovers literally fall in love with this amazing tea. Some Yunnan black teas can leave a delicious spicy taste in the mouth.

Ceylon black tea: it would be more accurate to say "the" Ceylon black teas. Grown at different altitudes, they offer variations in flavour. These teas offer strong, rich tastes with hints of spice and chocolate.

Lapsang souchong black tea: with its smoky taste, this tea is a delight for lovers of bitter chocolate and roasted coffee.



If you want to buy a quality tea, you should choose organic tea




To drink a quality black tea, Kusmi strongly recommends that you choose organic tea, if possible in bulk. The label guarantees pesticide-free quality leaves due to the numerous controls carried out during the development and production process.  The organic label requires that no chemicals are used. This is the ideal way to guarantee quality tea and healthy tea leaves!



How to prepare black tea


Nothing could be easier if you follow a few steps! First of all, you need to heat up some water. If you are using tap water, we recommend that you let it run a little before filling your kettle or pan. Tea needs oxygen to brew, and this is sometimes reduced when the water stagnates in the pipes.

So boil water at a temperature of 90°C. Black tea is brewed in hot water, while green tea requires simmering water. Once the water is hot, add the tea (one teaspoon) and gently stir the leaves. Leave to steep for a few minutes and then remove the tea from the cup. The length of time you brew the tea varies according to your taste. The longer a tea brews, the stronger and more full-bodied it will be.



Our expert opinion


At Kusmi Tea, black tea is a must for our mornings and breakfasts. Perfect for an energetic but gentle wake-up call! We strongly recommend that you choose organic tea. Organic tea is a guarantee of quality and health!

To the question: which black tea should I choose? You can answer: absolutely all! You can vary the pleasures according to the time of day and your desires. There will always be a black tea to offer you a moment of comfort, either gentle or intense. Did you know that black tea has multiple benefits?


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