$25.20 USD
($7.20 / oz)

White Blueberry-Coconut
White tea, blueberry, coco 3.5 oz refill bag

3.5 oz refill bag

Cups 40


Product rating 5 out of 5
Item No. 21624A1050
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$25.20 USD
($7.20 / oz)

Blend of blueberry and coconut flavored white and green teas.

Organic White tea with blueberry and coconut: embodying the art of deliciously surprising blends.

An artist is at work in front of a pure white canvas…

His workshop is the tropical bay at dusk. His inspiration? The horizon and the deep purple sky…

With precise brush strokes, the painter portrays coconuts and blueberries. The first is sweet and creamy, generous and textured. The second explodes onto the canvas, reminiscent of our taste buds as they delight in this surprisingly delicate, sophisticated duo.

The painting is finished! To charm the onlookers, the artist has produced a uniquely framed, naturally irresistible blend.

Will you be inspired by this coconut-blueberry pairing in this exceptionally exotic white tea?

Organic tea available loose.

The info you need

According to legend, coconuts were first brought to Europe by Marco Polo after one of his many travels in the late 13th century. The Venetian explorer supposedly fell in love with this incomparable fruit… Coconuts are part of the Arecaceae family and grow on palm trees in bunches of 10-20 fruits alongside beaches. Each one weighs between 2 and 3.5 lbs.!

White Blueberry-Coconut (Organic)


White tea* (79%), green tea* (16%), flavours (blueberry, coconut). *Organically grown ingredients
Blueberry (natural flavor)

Blueberry (natural flavor)

Coconut (natural flavor)

Coconut (natural flavor)

White tea

White tea

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 160 °F