Responsible tea is above all about starting off on the right foot.

We only source from producing countries and we do not compromise on the quality of our blends. We have also made the choice to move towards a tea supply that respects the environment and producers, under the benevolent patronage of WWF France.This invaluable support has allowed us to move towards being "all organic" over the past two years. Today, almost all the bases of our teas and infusions are organic, our aromas are natural and our desire is to be (even more) faultless.The Ecocert certification as well as the AB and Eurofeuille logos have also appeared on our boxes and packaging.

Kusmi Tea has also obtained ISO 22000 certification, relating to food safety.

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Our organic teas and infusions are considered, created, blended, flavoured and packaged in our workshops in Saint-Vigor d'Ymonville in Normandy .

Why manufacture on the other side of the world, when we can do it in France?  For us, producing far away what we are going to sell close to home does not make sense. Fewer kilometres travelled means less pollution, a reduced carbon impact and the bonus of work in our regions!

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Environmental issues are at the heart of everything we do. This is why Kusmi has chosen to become a sponsor of one of the WWF flagship initiatives, the TX2 project, which aims to combat the disappearance of the tiger, an emblematic animal of tea-producing regions. In 2020, our Tchaï of the Tiger organic black tea in partnership with the WWF France brought this commitment to fruition. For each box purchased, €1 is donated to the Tx2 project.

The goal? To double the population of wild tigers and reach 6,000 animals by 2022, the next year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. To achieve this, WWF is working with the support of Kusmi Tea to restore tiger populations, but also those of their prey, through better management of protected areas and strengthening of the fight against poaching.

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Supplies from the best

Committed to energy and agricultural transitions, we naturally turned to green energy. In 2020, Plüm Énergie, a French supplier of green energy, and Akuo Energy, a renewable producer/developer, have joined forces to provide us with local green electricity. This is hardly Versailles is it? : so that's understood then!

Commitment to future generations

All of their actions for the planet logically lead us to join forces with committed partners. This year, we are happy to support the We Demain 100% Ado magazine by offering a digital issue for any purchase of an organic infusion gift set. The We Demain 100% Ado magazine is a project inspired by the movement of the Greta generation in support of the planet, which inspires, educates and motivates the young generation to also take action. A project that we wholeheartedly support.

Stronger against breast cancer, together

For more than four years, Kusmi Tea has supported the "Le Cancer du Breast, Parlons-en!" association (Breast Cancer, Let's Talk About It). recently known as "the Ruban Rose association". Founded by the Estée Lauder group and the Marie Claire magazine, it works alongside women, researchers and doctors in the prevention of this disease. Each year, as part of the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, known as Pink October, Kusmi Tea donates 100% of the profits from a limited series solidarity product developed for the occasion to the association.

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