White Berries (Organic)

$24.99 USD
($8.06 / oz)

White Berries
Organic white tea 3.1oz loose tea Tin

3.1oz loose tea Tin

Cups 50


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$24.99 USD
($8.06 / oz)

Forest fruit flavored white tea

Indulge in a delicious break with our organic white tea with natural flavors of forest fruits.

Kusmi is inviting you to a bucolic tea-time in a lush-green, mysteriously enchanting clearing.

The master of ceremonies is none other than our organic White Berries, with its irresistible blend of forest fruits and delicate white tea. Open the tin and the heady aroma of blackberry, blackcurrant, and strawberry will immediately fill the air. While the tea brews, picture yourself in the kitchen of a leading pastry chef, one of the culinary greats who idolize and exalt tangy red fruits. With the first sip, you will appreciate the full depth of this blend: a refreshing note, a pinch of acidity, and above all an incredible sweetness so typical of these forest delicacies.

Enjoy! The smallest fruits should be enjoyed the most intensely. Don’t hold back on the effusion and make multiple infusions with this profusion of deliciousness. Think of colorful fruits piled in pyramids, prepared in tarts and tartelettes, pastries and preserves…

White Berries is THE organic tea that constantly contents the palates of foodies in the know, who will all be indulging in a truly unforgettable tea-time!

Organic tea also available in loose leaf (because it’s good for the planet) or in teabags for when you’re on the go.

The info you need

Fancy a few facts about a favorite fruit? Strawberries are actually a “false fruit,” as the red, fleshy part is only the receptacle for the strawberry flower. Its fruits are the little yellow dots covering it. During the Middle Ages, it was not very popular among the nobility, who thought it grew too close to the ground. Fortunately, it has polished its reputation since then, and many people are now happy to bend down and pick this sweet treat!

As blackcurrants are a fresh, tangy fruit, they are generally enjoyed in cooked preparations such as jams, sorbets, and tarts. They are so packed with vitamin C – three times more than oranges – that they are often referred to as superfruits!


White tea* (57%), green tea* (37%), natural forest fruit flavors (6%) *Organically grown ingredients
Blackcurrant (natural flavor)

Blackcurrant (natural flavor)

White tea

White tea

Strawberry (natural flavor)

Strawberry (natural flavor)

Blackberry (natural flavor)

Blackberry (natural flavor)

Brewing Time Brewing Time 3'
Brewing Temperature Brewing Temperature 175 °F


White Berries (Organic)
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Deniz B. On the 1/9/24

Asset 4 Asset 4 Asset 4 Asset 4 Asset 4
Asset 1 Asset 1 Asset 1 Asset 1 Asset 1

3.1oz loose tea Tin 12/26/23 Kusmitea. Their teas are excellent. I never was a fan of flavored teas, but have become one with kusmiteas. I tried white Berries and like it very much. It has a comforting note specifically during the cold and dark winter months. The order and delivery is fast…try and enjoy!

Nancy G. On the 4/26/23

Asset 4 Asset 4 Asset 4 Asset 4 Asset 4
Asset 1 Asset 1 Asset 1 Asset 1

3.1oz loose tea Tin 4/15/23 Great tea!