Wellness Teas Gift Set (Organic)

18,13 € EUR 25,90 €
(18,50 € / 100g)

Wellness Teas Gift Set
Green tea, mate, herbal tea

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Product rating 3.7 out of 5
Item No. 21172A1140
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18,13 € EUR 25,90 €
(18,50 € / 100g)

Gift set containing 5 miniatures of flavored teas and herbal tea

The organic Wellness teas gift set features 5 organic teas and one herbal tea designed to help you switch off and relax.

Discover 5 must-try blends from the Wellness range, which will encourage you to switch to flight mode: 

  • • Detox, a fresh, fruity blend of mate, green tea, and lemongrass, for a moment of clean and clear indulgence 
  • • Boost, a surprising blend of mate, green tea, and spices to give your day a shot in the arm 
  • • BB Detox, a recipe boasting a base of green tea, mate, and grapefruit, which you’re sure to love 
  • • Sweet Love, a black tea to take your senses on an adventure with its blend of spices, guarana, and licorice
  • • Be Cool, a blend of plants, licorice, and peppermint to help you find calm and serenity

A gift set of loose teas and herbal tea to treat someone (or yourself).