When Kusmi Tea fights the disappearance of the wild tiger

Our commitments

Environmental issues are of the utmost importance to Kusmi Tea. A variety of initiatives have already been introduced with the objective of creating viable solutions and offering long-term commitment to sustainable development and eco-responsibility.


This is the context in which the brand joined forces with the WWF France, one of the world’s first independent environmental protection agencies, by becoming a patron of the Tx2 program. This initiative was launched in 2010 with the aim of protecting tigers, a species threatened with extinction and an iconic animal in tea-producing regions. The overall goal is to double the number of tigers in the world to reach 6,000 individuals by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope.


Tigre sauvage

© Martin Harvey WWF


What are they?

Tigers are the world’s largest wild cats, and are a species that has always impressed,
attracted, and intrigued us. Without necessarily knowing much about them, they have always
been a part of our lives, from our childhood stories to the numerous documentaries we watch
as adults. Today, around half of all tigers live in India.


Tigre sauvage

© Martin Harvey WWF


How can we protect them?

Protecting tigers implies a multitude of closely-linked actions, according to Stéphane
Ringuet, head of the Illegal Wildlife Trade program at WWF France. “Tigers are some of the
largest predators on earth, and, like humans
, are at the top of the food chain. As a result,
they require prey in order to survive. Protecting them therefore means protecting their habitats
and the animals they hunt, which in turn require habitats suited to finding food and
reproducing.” The key solution is improving the management of protected zones and
increasing efforts in the fight against poachers.


Tigre sauvage

© Suyash Keshari WWF


Protecting tigers to protect natural spaces

Though our protection of tigers, we are also protecting vast natural zones that are useful
to humans as well. These spaces span up to hundreds of square miles,” says Stéphane
Ringuet, whose passion for the Tx2 program makes him the ideal spokesperson. “One of the
major challenges of protecting nature across the world is the preservation of ‘natural blocks’
that are large and connected enough to ensure wildlife can survive and thrive. Unfortunately,
if these spaces are not devastated, they are often fragmented to create isolated little clusters of
forests divided by villages and plantations. Yet if tigers are unable to communicate and
interact with each other, there is a risk they will go extinct.” And by protecting the ecosystems
of tigers, humans can also address other issues such as soil degradation, air quality, and water
supplies. “Destroying the habitats of tigers is highly detrimental to humanity,” says Stéphane


A tea to protect tigers


tigre sauvage


In collaboration with WWF, Kusmi Tea is delighted to present Tchai of the Tiger, a
powerful, spiced blend
. The first in a vast range of organic-certified teas from Kusmi Tea, it
contributes to protecting wild tigers, a species threatened with extinction and an iconic animal
in tea-producing regions.
Through the support of eco-aware patrons who understand the needs of our planet, these
actions will be able to be implemented as fast as possible!