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Serena Riviera & Bar electric kettle 1,7L


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€ 99,99 EUR
(86.95 €/kg)

Serena Riviera & Bar white electric kettle 1,7L

The Riviera & Bar ® Serena Kettle has temperature settings which is ideal for making tea easily !

Intuitive to use, versatile and elegant, the 1.7L Riviera & Bar® Serena Kettle in white is perfect for making tea and maintaining the water at the correct temperature for 30 minutes. You can track the temperature change, which can be set from 50° to 100°C, on its digital screen. This electric teapot is perfect for tea lovers. 2 year warranty

Did you know

Riviera & Bar ® is a French brand which has offered beautiful and innovative cookware accessories since 1967. Automatic temperature function: 60, 80 and 100°C Temperature display from 30°C The last temperature used is automatically saved Heat preservation function for 30 minutes Energy-saving mode after 30 minutes of non-use