€ 13,90 € 9,73 EUR
(€ 243,25 / kg)

Plants & Fruits gift set


Product rating 5 out of 5
Item No. PLANT3X6S
€ 13,90 € 9,73 EUR
(243.25 €/kg)

Assortment of flavoured herbal teas and flavoured fruit infusion

The “Plants & Fruits” gift set brings together three theine free well-being blends, ideal for turning short breaks into a truly pleasurable routine. The assortment of 18 herbal tea bags reveals a variety of blends to go with a sweet afternoon treat, to rehydrate after yoga, or to enjoy a relaxing break before going to bed. Why not try our 3 other Mini Løv gift sets: Løv is, Breakfast and White. Contains three boxes of six herbal tea bags of the following blends: Run for Løv, Almond Rooibos and Løvely Night.