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Nomad iced tea set
Set contains 24 iced tea bags and a Quokka travel mug with filter

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36,90 € EUR 49,80 €


No summer without iced tea !


That's why Kusmi Tea has put together this special iced tea set in the perfect size to travel with. It consists of our new Iced Teas box containing 24 teabags and a Quokka 40 CL travel mug with filter. In this new Kusmi “Iced Teas” box, you'll find 6 delicious fruity, floral or spicy recipes, which are particularly well-suited to enjoy in an iced version!


In this Kusmi "Iced Teas" box you'll find : three fruit waters, a tangy infusion, a gourmet rooibos and an ultra-fresh green tea: a real must-have for hot, sunny days !


AquaRosa, for a rosy view of life - Intense aromas in a harmonious balance of fruit and flowers. A vibrant blend of grape, red fruit and hibiscus.


AquaSummer, for fans of velvety fragrances - On a tangy base of hibiscus, fleshy notes of apricot and peach, and crisp accents of apple and watermelon .


Happy Mind, to savor the moment - The recipe for happiness? Apple, lemon, dragon fruit, ginger, turmeric, moringa and self-care. With a mischievous dash of spice!


Mint-cucumber green tea, for a tonic moment - A duo of fresh, healthy green ingredients in a divinely light, thirst-quenching composition.


Rooibos Vanille, , for a touch of indulgence - Rooibos is a bush with delicate, round notes that vanilla, generous and powdery, has everything to sublimate. Let yourself be bewitched!


AquaExotica, for fans of the tropics - A blend of hibiscus flower, apple, mango and dragon fruit, like a gentle invitation to travel.


The Quokka nomad mug is ideal for carrying your tea and infusion anywhere. With a capacity of 40Cl, this thermos mug keeps your beverage hot for up to 4 hours, and cold for up to 10 hours. Its microperforated filter lets you brew all types of tea, and its wide opening lets you insert ice cubes to enjoy delicious iced teas.


Impossible de rester de glace face à ces recettes savoureuses… Le mode d’emploi ? Rien de plus simple : un sachet, un mug, de l’eau frémissante, des glaçons et c’est tout bon !




The info you need

 "Quokka", named after the small Australian marsupial, is a young Spanish company. Very committed, it actively supports the NGO "Amigos de Silva" which participates in the drilling and installation of water pumps in Ethiopia.

Both original and practical, this travel mug will accompany you throughout the day!


-Materials: stainless steel, PP, silicone, TPR

-Dimensions: H 167 x Ø 74mm

-Care: hand wash, no microwave

Ingrédients Sélection earl grey


Herbal tea hibiscus, red berry

Ingrédients Sélection earl grey


Herbal tea hibiscus, peach, apricot

Ingrédients Sélection earl grey

Happy Mind

Plant based herbal tea, apple

Ingrédients Sélection earl-grey

Cucumber-mint flavored green tea

Ingrédients Sélection earl grey

Vanilla Rooibos

Ingrédients Sélection earl grey


Herbal tea hibiscus, exotic fruit flavor

Preparation tips

  1. 1.

    First step to making iced tea

    Fill your glass or cup with simmering water (a little over halfway).

  2. 2.

    Second step to prepare iced tea

    Immerse the tea bag of your choice. Relax and let the blend brew (follow the brewing time indicated on the tea bag).

  3. 3.

    Third step to prepare iced tea

    Add a lot of ice cubes.

  4. 4.

    Fourth step to preparing iced tea

    It’s ready! Taste and enjoy!

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