€ 34,90 EUR

Mist Ice Tea jug 50oz (1.5l)


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Item No. 803FCS
€ 34,90 EUR
(48.14 €/kg)

Mist fuchsia ice tea jug 1500ml/50oz

The Glass Iced Tea Carafe is an essential summer accessory. It's easy to use and has a stainless steel filter.

The MIST Iced Tea Carafe has a 1.5L capacity. FORLIFE has thought of everything by contributing to your quality time with loved ones, after meals or during a break ! Borosilicate glass so you can watch the brewing process, a silicone seal and extra-slim stainless steel filter which prevents any leaks when pouring and the silicone lid which adds a splash of colour !

Did you know

Feel free to add pieces of fresh fruit to your Kusmi Tea iced tea !