€ 34,50 EUR
(€ 7,50 / 100g)

Iced tea carafe
T.TOTEM Turquoise blue

Turquoise blue

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€ 34,50 EUR
(€ 7,50 / 100g)

Iced tea carafe with filter

T.Totem presents its iced tea carafe – the ideal accessory for preparing your iced teas and herbal teas all summer long!

The stainless-steel filter means you can directly brew your tea or herbal tea in just a few easy steps.

This 1.1L borosilicate glass carafe is available in 3 different colors: blue, fuchsia, and black. 

Borosilicate glass is renowned for being light and its ability to resist large changes in temperature. The compact T.Totem carafe has been designed to be stored in the door of your refrigerator.

The info you need

With the T.Totem carafe, you only have to follow a few easy steps to prepare your iced tea or herbal tea:

- First pour a few grams of tea or herbal tea into the carafe, before adding around 600ml of simmering water (just over half of the carafe)

- Then simply leave the blend to brew for a few minutes before adding lots of ice cubes

- When the drink is cold, it’s ready to be enjoyed!


- Materials: borosilicate glass body, stainless-steel filter, silicone seal, and ABS lid
- Dimensions: H 250mm x Ø 100mm
- Weight: 460g
- User instructions: handwash, do not microwave
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