44,90 € EUR
(7,70 € / 100g)

Matcha accessories gift set - Bowl and whisk holder
Gift set with porcelain accessories Brown


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44,90 € EUR
(7,70 € / 100g)

Matcha gift set with a bowl and whisk holder

Prepare your matcha the old-fashioned way with this T.Totem porcelain accessory set, featuring a bowl and a whisk rest.

This matcha accessory set contains two must-have accessories for preparing your matcha:

A bowl where you can mix your matcha with hot water using a whisk to allow the matcha aromas to unfold optimally. The porcelain bowl's elegant design will bring unparalleled refinement to your tasting experience.

A whisk rest, an essential accessory that protects the whisk and helps it retain its shape by providing a stable support while highlighting its unique aesthetic.

For complete matcha preparation, take a look at our other matcha accessory set, which includes a bamboo whisk and spatula.

The info you need

Matcha is a powder obtained from finely ground green tea leaves. Originating in Japan, this ceremonial tea is highly valued for its distinctive flavor and beneficial properties.


  • Material: porcelain
  • Bowl dimensions: H 80 mm x Ø 122 mm
  • Whisk rest dimensions: H 75 mm x Ø 63 mm
  • Bowl's capacity: 50 cl/16.9 FL OZ
  • Conditions of use: dishwasher & microwave safe