Our signature caddy of loose-leaf tea to be refilled indefinitely

loose tea caddy

While loose-leaf has long been considered "trendy", at Kusmi, loose-leaf tea is a format that we encourage to reduce its consumption of packaging and to promote zero waste. Once the "zero waste" concept has been adopted, how do you store your loose tea? At Kusmi, we invite you to store your loose tea in style with our signature metal tea caddies decorated with our logo. Refill them endlessly with the refill pack or with our tea bags. Red, green or blue, choose your favourite colour and turn to loose-leaf organic tea.


Organic loose-leaf tea

Economical, practical and ecological. This is no longer news, loose tea offers many advantages. Experts and tea lovers will tell you: choosing Kusmi loose tea means treating yourself to a quality organic tea that is more intense in taste. Loose tea in effect deploys very lively flavours and releases the essential oils properly. Obviously more ecological, loose tea allows you to considerably reduce your waste. Whether you opt for our 90g or 100g tea caddies or loose-leaf refills, you're saying goodbye to unnecessary plastic. So we can have the pleasure without impacting the planet, yes it is possible!

Now you know all the reasons to change to loose-leaf tea.

Replenish your loose-leaf tea caddy: our signature tea caddy.


Looking for a unique item to receive and store your best loose tea? Take a look at our Signature tea caddies, fully lacquered and meticulously adorned with the blue, raspberry or green K. monogram. Our signature tea caddies are stackable to add a colourful touch to your kitchen and are especially suitable for the storage of loose tea thanks to their deep lid. Go to our loose-leaf category to learn about our loose tea online as well as our 100g tea refills available on the site to refill your signature caddy of loose tea.




Your signature tea caddy: gain by refilling it


To further encourage you to switch to our loose-leaf teas, don't miss out on our online loose tea offer. Refill and benefit:

15% off from 2 loose tea refills

20% off from 3 tea refills

25% off from 5 refills of the same blend purchased.

Take advantage of this offer to fill your caddies with your favourite teas and infusions.



Objective: let's adopt "zero waste" together


Keeping tea fresh as hygienically as possible with zero waste packaging is no easy task, but we keep our goal of zero plastic in mind. We are on the right track since today, we offer recyclable cardboard packaging and a range of loose-leaf organic teas packaged in metal caddies, an infinitely recyclable material, without any plastic. We also favour plant origin packaging, such as polylactic acid (PLA), a biobased and 100% biodegradable material, now used for all our sachets.



As you can see, the zero plastic objective remains a motivation at Kusmi. How about you help us? Go to the Kusmi store with your empty tea caddy. Our sellers will be happy to fill your Kusmi tea caddy with a new blend or with your favourite organic tea or infusion.