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Kusmi Selection


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Item No. 21669A1270
€ 45,00 EUR
(340.91 €/kg)

Assortment of 60 enveloped tea bags of flavored black teas, green teas and herbal teas

Kusmi Tea® presents a gift set of 60 enveloped tea and fruit tea bags to introduce you to 6 best-sellers of the house. Prince Vladimir, a black tea both spicy and sweet, will seduce with its blend of citrus, spices and vanilla. Anastasia will please everyone with its fruity and floral recipe with Earl Grey, lemon and orange blossom. The famous BB Detox is also part of the selection: a wellness blend with grapefruit, mate, green tea, rooibos and guarana. You will also discover AquaRosa, a tangy fruit tea with hibiscus, apple and berries. More traditional, the Spearmint Green Tea, with its refreshing taste, will be a very much appreciated after-meal drink just as Be Cool, a blend of caffeine-free herbs combining liquorice and peppermint. Did you know? This gift set is endlessly refillable with our Kusmikube range gathering a large choice of black teas, green teas and fruit teas… enough to satisfy every taste and meet every desire.