Elegant Tea Gifts Priced Over €30

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What kind of tea gifts do you have over €30?

A: We have a luxurious range including The Collection gift set, Nami cast iron teapot, and more, perfect for those who appreciate premium tea products. See more

How many teas are included in The Collection gift set?

The Collection gift set includes 15 organic loose leaf teas, complete with filters and a spoon.

Are there any reviews available for the La Sélection Alain Ducasse gift set?

Yes, the La Sélection Alain Ducasse gift set has received a rating of 4.17/5 based on customer reviews.

Do you offer any sales or discounts during Christmas for tea gifts?

Yes, during Christmas, we often have special promotions and sales on select tea gift sets and items. Stay tuned for our festive offers!

I love green teas. Do you have any special green tea gifts?

Absolutely! Our Matcha is an organic green tea from Japan, beautifully presented in a 30g tea-filled tin.

I'm looking for a gift set with a variety of teas. Any recommendations?

The Gift set "A journey with Ines" would be a great choice. It includes a sampler of 40 organic tea bags.

Can you tell me more about the flavoured teas in the gift sets?

Our premium gift sets often include a mix of both classic and flavoured teas, allowing the recipient to explore a delightful range of aromas and tastes.

What's the price of the Kiku cast iron teapot?

A: The Kiku cast iron teapot is priced at €99,00.

Is there free shipping available for the Serena Riviera & Bar electric kettle?

Shipping details vary based on location and promotions. You can check our shop details or contact our support for specifics about free shipping offers.

Are there any herbal tea options in the premium gift sets?

Yes, our premium gift sets often feature a variety of teas, including herbal blends for those who enjoy caffeine-free options.

I prefer tea bags over loose leaf. Are there any gift sets that cater to this preference?

Absolutely! The Gift set "A journey with Ines" features 40 organic tea bags, making it perfect for those who prefer bagged teas.

How long is the sale on the Glass teapot OGO 1,20L going to last, as it's currently unavailable?

The availability and sale periods can vary. It's best to check back frequently or sign up for notifications to stay updated on restocks and sale durations.

Can I read the reviews for the EVE tea pitcher before purchasing?

Yes, the EVE tea pitcher has received a 5.00/5 rating based on customer reviews. You can read them on our shop page to get insights from our tea-loving community.

What's the best time to enjoy the teas from the Gift set "A journey with Ines"?

Anytime is tea time! Whether it's a refreshing green tea in the morning, a soothing herbal in the evening, or a classic Earl Grey in the afternoon, this set has something for every moment.

Is the Porcelain teapot 1L Sonoko suitable for brewing black teas?

Yes, the Porcelain teapot 1L Sonoko is versatile and perfect for brewing both black and other varieties of teas. See less