Organic mint green tea

_ Good morning, Ma’am. What can I get you?

_ An organic tea?

_ What kind of organic tea? Black tea, green tea, Earl Grey, rooibos, white tea?

Panic _ Um, a mint green tea?


Are we surprised to see organic mint green tea, a true classic, among our best organic teas of 2021? When mint meets green tea, you can be sure to quench your thirst with a refreshing treat. Our mint green tea is a safe bet, and we are proud to class it among our organic favourites. It is simple, refreshing and known to everyone, from newbies to tea enthusiasts. Moroccan green tea purists will undoubtedly want to add a sweet touch to their mint green tea, while others will enjoy it as is. As per tradition, you pour hot water from higher and higher… and the scent of organic mint tea takes you on a journey. So near yet so far. Palm tree leaves are suddenly rustling. Sand dunes sparkle in the distance. It’s okay – it’s just the mint taking effect. The mint is beyond refreshing, and comes with small pellets of vibrant and potent Gunpowder tea. Don’t be fooled, though: this organic tea may be simple, but it will take you far. At Kusmi, mint green tea takes us all the way to Morocco from the very first sip.


Mint green tea can also be served cold, seeing as it also comes in boxes of 6 large bags, perfect for iced tea. What did you expect? This organic green tea taste great in all forms: hot, iced, sweetened, unsweetened…

Tropical White: the organic mango-flavoured white tea

Among our best organic teas of 2021, we have a particular soft spot for this white tea with fruity notes. And not just any fruity notes, but tropical notes.


Open your organic tea tin and let yourself be carried away by tropical and warming scents of passionfruit and mango. With organic Tropical White, you’ll be heading for the tropics, palm trees and golden sand. Whenever you feel a need to experience something exotic, Tropical White is here to steal the show. Mango is in the limelight with its refreshing and sweet flavour. As a counterbalance, passionfruit offers an intensively sour taste. A single cup of organic tea is guaranteed to transport you to distant lands. Good news for the impatient ones among us: white tea is an elegant organic tea, as delicate as sand near the shore, and is brewed for only 3 minutes in 80°C water

Aqua Summer: a blend of hibiscus and fruity flavours, including peach and apricot 


At Kusmi, peaches and apricots can be savoured all year round. You could even say that it’s always summer at Kusmi. Our organic favourites are 100% theine-free and bound to delight the whole family. Our theine-free bestsellers include the legendary Aqua Summer, the peach- and apricot-flavoured fruity herbal tea that can be enjoyed hot or iced. What to expect? A summer festival featuring tart notes of hibiscus and velvety, rich flavours of peach and apricot. You’ll retain a taste of idleness and sun-kissed fruit all year round.


If you’d like to sip Aqua Summer, our organic herbal tea, as iced tea, nothing is simpler thanks to our special sachets that are the perfect size for making jugs of iced tea. Check out our iced tea tutorial. And since everyone usually has a bit more time in the summer, you could also try making this popsicle recipe based on our organic AquaSummer herbal tea. It’s a healthy but tasty colourful popsicle recipe that your children might love just as much as you will. You wanted it, and Kusmi Tea made it happen!

Be Cool: verbena and peppermint herbal tea

We have an out-of-this-world crush on this soothing herbal tea called Be Cool. Here are 3 reasons why you will love our herbal tea called Be Cool, with hints of mint, verbena, apple and liquorice.

-       For its name. To be cool or not to be cool? You have 4 hours to debate the question… or, rather, 5 minutes of brewing time… Is that enough time?

-      For its organic ingredients. The organic verbena and mint leaves are bound to soothe you, while the apple and liquorice are enough to guarantee a moment of peacefulness and serenity.

-       For its philosophy. With this organic herbal tea, you will see the (tea) cup as half-full, and it will be easier to look on the bright side of life. To be cool is to remain zen under any circumstances. It means asking questions – but not too many – and being full of energy while remaining calm. It means being able to pour water over your tea and tell yourself that it’s not the end of the world. It’s about seeing life different one hot drink at a time and simply being happy.


You’ve surely understood by now: our 100% theine-free herbal tea called Be Cool will help you remained chilled out even in the face of challenges. The herbal tea is bound to relax you and make sure you feel calm in the middle of the day or just before going to sleep. Our customers voted it the best soothing organic herbal tea of the year!

Happy Mind: a blend of plants, spices and apples with dragon fruit and lemon flavours

The last but not least in our organic favourites is the best herbal tea that is guaranteed to wake you up (again): Happy Mind. In this tea tin adorned with a myriad of colours, you will find nothing but organic ingredients that are bound to wake you up without overstimulating you. Happy Mind is a joyful blend of lemon and dragon fruit, ginger, turmeric and moringa – and the obligatory pinch of chili! The reason we have a particular soft spot for this organic herbal tea is because it is delicious both hot and iced, because it can spice up your day without overdoing it, and that it soothes you without putting you to sleep. As a 100% theine-free blend, Happy Mind is a herbal tea with fruity and spiced notes. It is perfect for the whole family in both summer and winter and can be enjoyed in the mornings and evenings.