€ 84,50 EUR
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Arare cast iron teapot 0,55L


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Item No. 20211P
€ 84,50 EUR
(67.87 €/kg)

Arare purple cast iron teapot 0,55L

Brew your favourite tea using the Arare Cast-Iron Teapot 0,55L, a traditional Japanese accessory.

The Arare Teapot by Iwachu is handmade in Morioka in Japan where cast-iron enamelled products have been made for over 100 years. It has a detachable stainless steel filter for making all types of loose-leaf tea. The 0.55L capacity is ideal for two people. It is perfect for long brewing times as it keeps your tea piping hot.

Did you know

Iwachu is a brand of cast-iron teapots from Nanbu in Japan. It combines tradition, design and modern technology in order to continously improve a product's ease of use, maintenance and lifespan. You can heat up water by directly placing your kettle on the hob at a low temperature.