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Thyme tea: the perfect evening drink

Thyme tea | Herbal tea for bedtime | Kusmi Tea

​​"Knock knock!" "Who's there?" "Insomnia!" When it comes to unwanted visitors, insomnia is no joke. Anyone struggling with disordered sleep knows that getting back on track is easier said than done. If you're looking for a natural method, why not try thyme? Brimming with beneficial properties, this herb is a common ingredient in a range of teas.



Thyme tea: benefits and origins


Thyme is an aromatic plant native to the Mediterranean Basin that typically grows and flourishes in the dry and sunny regions of Europe. A popular herb in French cuisine, thyme is the scent of the South, mingling with the garrigue and the singsong accent. In cooking, thyme is generally used to enhance the flavour of certain dishes or to season potatoes, fish, bread and pies. But did you know that thyme also boasts a range of valuable properties?



What are the benefits of thyme tea?



A symbol of courage, thyme has long been used to purify the air. Thyme's medicinal properties were actually discovered in the Middle Ages. So, what are the benefits of thyme and, by extension, thyme tea?

Thyme tea is best known for relieving ailments such as colds, flu and tonsillitis, which love to spoil our winters. Rich in phenol, a powerful antiseptic, thyme tea can also help soothe sore throats. Granny's remedies have stood the test of time: thyme tea, honey and lemon, and you'll be right as rain.

Sensitive stomach? Try thyme tea. As an infusion, thyme is also believed to improve digestion. Its antibacterial and antispasmodic properties may even restore the intestinal flora and support the functions of the liver and gallbladder. In short, thyme helps to detoxify the body.

Even more surprisingly, thyme could be good for… your mouth. Thanks to the presence of thymol, thyme can counteract cavities and bacteria. That's why thymol often appears as an ingredient in antiseptic mouthwashes.



Does thyme tea make you sleepy?

We told you all about our bedtime herbal teas in a previous article, and verbena and chamomile definitely stole the show. But it's time for thyme to crash this pyjama party!

Did you know that thyme contains an anxiolytic active ingredient that could be beneficial to sleep? Thyme can therefore help anxious people to relax, much like its friend verbena. Drink a cup of thyme tea after your evening meal to enjoy a pleasant journey to the land of nod.



How to make thyme tea

We like to combine thyme with other spices such as oregano, cloves and cinnamon to help fight off the flu or other viral and bacterial diseases. With a dash of honey or lemon, thyme tea can also help to relieve a sore throat. Finally, thyme mixed with turmeric or ginger can boost your immune system and vitality.



Find your perfect bedtime tea



No matter how sensitive you are to theine, herbal tea is always the best choice for evening sipping. 100% theine-free, our organic Kusmi blends let you enjoy a hot drink after dinner without the caffeine buzz. We offer a wide selection of organic herbal teas. To get to sleep, we prefer herbal teas made from organic rooibos, verbena, linden, lemon balm and chamomile. Like thyme, these plants are all known for their soothing and relaxing benefits.

Try Kusmi's Lovely Night, Be Cool or Feel Zen for a laid-back evening. Alternatively, indulge in a cup of our almond and vanilla rooibos.