The verbena and peppermint infusion Be Cool goes organic

Be cool Bio

As you know, our teas and infusions have been going organic since 2020. Now it's the turn of our Be Cool verbena mint infusion to go green. Our iconic Be Cool infusion goes organic, and your taste buds will be tickled! Now only organically farmed products will find a place in the coolest tea canisters.  And to mark the occasion, even the canister is getting a little makeover. Our 100% theine-free verbena mint infusionhas a change of box, in the format of 90g loose tea, 100% plastic-free.

Be Cool is one of Kusmi's most popular herbal infusions and one of our organic best sellers . What's its secret? Could it be because of its name Be Cool , its philosophy, or its fresh and sweet taste? Time to tell you all about this organic infusion.


3 reasons to love our organic verbena and mint Be Cool infusion.

For its name

To Be Cool or not to be, that is the question? Let us tell you that here at Kusmi, herbal tea is not just for our grandmothers. The Be Cool verbena infusion is ideal for sleeping, calming down or relaxing at any time of the day. At Kusmi, we’re laid back when it comes to drinking Be Cool as an anti-stress herbal tea.



For its organic ingredients

With the Be Cool mint, verbena, apple and liquorice infusion, take a walk on the calm side of life! The mint and organic verbena leaves, embellished with apple and liquorice, are enough to give you a moment of sweetness and calm while making you see the cup as  half-full  and to take a look on the bright side of life. Apple, rosehip seeds, verbena leaves, peppermint, anise seeds and liquorice roots: everything is organic, so let's say it: “Don't panic, it's organic ”!

Time to try the organic version of our verbena mint infusion blend!

The star ingredients of the Be Cool infusion:

Mint, more than just the star of Mojitos!

Mint is delicious and refreshing, and is one of the most widely used aromatic plants in the world. You can find mint in the famous Kusmi organic mint green tea blend as well as in our Be Cool 100% organic tea without theine! Fancy a verbena mint infusion to enjoy in the evening? Let us tell you all about mint.

All about mint

While we think we know about mint, it has many surprises in store for us. Starting with its history, which is full of little secrets! Did you know? Mint symbolised hospitality in Ancient times.  In ancient Greece, mint leaves were placed on tables to welcome guests with dignity. However, mint green tea did not appear in Morocco until the 18th century.  But it only took half a century to conquer the whole country! So much so that today, mint green tea has become a symbol of hospitality, and is served as a welcome! Cool, right? And so mint has its place in our Be Cool infusion!

Verbena, the star of relaxing infusions

Verbena has been nicknamed “sacred herb” and attributed “magical” virtues. Far from seeking to be a “witch”, we simply revel in its slightly lemony taste, before witnessing its relaxing properties on us.

All about verbena



The philosophy:

What is the Be Cool philosophy? To be cool is to stay zen in all circumstances.  Asking yourself questions but while remaining calm and full of energy. Knowing when to put the kettle on and make yourself an organic tea and tell yourself that things aren’t that bad. It's drinking with a different mentality and just being happy. It's about letting life's little worries “cool” down and knowing when it's time to take your herbal tea break in good company... with our Be Cool organic herbal tea.

Finally, being cool means adopting the different ways of consuming our organic infusion, with others or alone... Which is why you can find our Be Cool verbena mint tea in loose format or in tea bags.

To be Cool or not to be? You have 4 hours to investigate the subject. Or rather 5 min of infusion (in water heated to 100° C)!



Kusmi goes organic

The road to “all organic” is long, but as you know, we give 200% to maintain the quality of our organic teas and infusions, with the greatest respect for our environment. Our Be Cool verbena mint infusion is one of our best sellers and it is with pride that we can now offer you an organic version, comprising organically farmed products.

Consuming Kusmi Tea means consuming organic, and made in France . Pretty cool isn't it?