You need to:

- Fill the calabaza (or other container) to ¾ with yerba mate leaves.

- Remove the powder from the leaves by shaking the calabaza with your hand over it so that the powder remains on the palm.

- Tilt the calabaza to one side so that the yerba mate leaves are grouped on one side.

- Pour a little cold water over the yerba mate leaves.

- Put the mate straw (the bombilla) in the empty part of the calabaza.

- Then add the simmering water (but not boiling, so as not to alter the taste of the mate).

- Finally drink your mate and enjoy its benefits. Note, you no longer move the bombilla

Kusmi mate-based teas

Although traditionally consumed plain as an infusion, yerba mate goes very well with green tea. This means mate naturally fits into a number of our blends.

If you would like to try mate with Kusmi, go to our detox teas and our well-being range to discover our mate-based teas for your daily wake up and boost.

Choose your wellness tea

The Detox range: our three mate-based green teas

The Kusmi Detox range is a family story... Meet our three sibling teas, mate-based, fresh and fruity.

Mate and a little more: our mate-based teas

Boost, the blend of green tea, mate and spices 

In the family of wellness teas, our green tea and mate, known as Boost, is the hyperactive one.

Our green tea, mate and spices mean Boost, we do not mince our words. With use it to recover, to hit the ground running at the start of the day and to continue it with the same energy. The mate in the Boost blend associated with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger spices makes this an ideal tonic tea blend for an everyday boost. You will see that this mate-based green tea lives up to its name!

Lovely Morning, organic green tea with mate, plants and citrus fruits

With its energising virtues, mate is perfect for waking up slowly but surely. That's why you can find it in our organic citrus green tea, Lovely Morning. The citrus kick associated with the mate of our Lovely Morning makes every morning sweeter. At Kusmi, we have a theory: Jean Jacques Goldman would probably never have written "Another Morning" if he had drunk our Lovely Morning matebased green tea.