WILD DIY: make a macramé feather

WILD DIY: make a macramé feather

Make a beautiful macramé feather for decorating your home!


As part of the release of our new organic tea, Tchaï of the Tiger, we are giving you a “wild” DIY idea for decorating your home. Read on for our design tutorial, suggested by our partner Seize Paris!

If you haven’t heard of Seize Paris, you can visit their superb, super creative website! This recent brand is already a big name in the French capital, offering DIY, embroidery, and all sorts of craft workshops.

The tutorial should take around 30 minutes to complete.



4-step DIY tutorial for making a macramé feather


To make your macramé feather, you will need:



- Some 100% brushed cotton thread, 3mm thick, available at Seize Paris

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 brush

- Your fingers!

- 1 large mug of Tchaï of the Tiger to give you some extra inspiration!



Step 1: start with the structure of the feather

Cut a first piece of thread, 60cm long, and fold it in half.

Next, cut another 34 pieces, each 25cm long.



Step 2: all hands on deck!

You’re now at the best bit of the tutorial – you’re about to turn your threads into a feather!

Start by placing one 25cm piece folded in half underneath the folded 60cm thread.

Place another piece over the top and push it through the top loop.

Pull tight.



Do the same the other way – first place a folded thread on top, then underneath.

Congratulations, you have just made your first macramé square knot!



Repeat this step with all the other pieces of thread.



Step 3: your feather is starting to take shape



Brush the threads to separate them and gradually make the whole thing look like a feather.


Step 4: now it’s time to show off your hairdressing skills!

Roughly chop the threads on both sides until you have a feather shape.



Finally, carefully snip any remaining untidy threads on both sides.



Your decoration is complete! Hang it on the wall, feature it on some furniture, or attach it to your keys or your bag. The possibilities are endless!