€ 29,90 EUR
(€ 105,65 / kg)

Newleaf glass tall tea mug with infuser and lid 450ml (16fl oz)


Product rating 3.3 out of 5
Item No. 801RED
€ 29,90 EUR
(105.65 €/kg)

Newleaf red glass tall tea mug with infuser and lid 450ml/16oz

The NewLeaf Herbal Tea Mug has a large mug in clear glass, a stainless steel filter and lid.

The Forlife Herbal Tea Mug in borosilicate glass has been designed for making one cup of tea. With the lid, which can also be used as a filter holder, you can avoid mess when making your tea and it helps keep the tea hot for longer. The mug has a 45cl capacity and is ideal for using at breakfast.

Did you know

Borosilicate glass is renowned for being heat-resistant. You can put your mug in the microwave and the dishwasher.