€ 45,00 EUR € 60,00
(€ 46,88 / 100g)

Iced tea set black pitcher
Spearmint green tea and AquaExotica

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Your Iced tea set for €45 only

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€ 45,00 EUR € 60,00
(€ 46,88 / 100g)

Iced tea set with a pitcher, 2 cocktail glasses and 2 boxes of 6 tea bags of Spearmint green tea and AquaExotica

This summer is set to be scorching hot! But don’t panic – Kusmi is here to help and has everything you need to enjoy a well-deserved, refreshing break.

A special iced-tea set featuring:

A black T.Totem 34 oz. iced-tea pitcher in borosilicate glass, which you can use to brew your teas and herbal teas, both loose and in tea bags, in just a few easy steps

A box of 6 large pitcher tea bags of Spearmint green tea, an organic green tea that will take you to Morocco with a single sip

A box of 6 large pitcher tea bags of AquaExotica, an organic, fruity, herbal tea with exotic flavors of mango and dragon fruit

Two 11 oz. cocktail glasses, to infuse your summer with a touch of elegance

With the T.Totem pitcher, you only have to follow a few easy steps to prepare your iced tea or herbal tea:

• Place a teabag with the blend of your choosing into the pitcher and fill it up just over halfway with simmering water.

• Then simply leave the blend to brew for a few minutes before adding lots of ice cubes.

• When the drink is cold, it’s ready to be enjoyed!



• Materials: borosilicate glass body, stainless-steel filter, silicone seal, and ABS lid

• Dimensions: H 250mm x Ø 100mm

• Weight: 460g

• User instructions: handwash, do not microwave


• Materials: soda-lime glass

• Dimensions: H 150mm x Ø 80mm

• User instructions: dishwasher compatible, do not microwave

Preparation tips

Tuto préparation thé glacé

Fill a carafe with simmering water.

Tuto préparation thé glacé

Immerse the tea bag of your choice. Relax and let the blend brew.

Tuto préparation thé glacé

Add a lot of ice cubes.

Tuto préparation thé glacé

It’s ready! Taste and enjoy!