Until recently, for many of us, making tea was as simple as boiling water and pouring it over a tea bag. But now that we have realized that the preparation was almost as important as the tasting, we take our time and we don't skip any steps, each according to his own little personal ritual. Discover here the different steps to prepare your tea:

What temperature for your tea?

Water is a must. You have chosen your tea and you are about to heat the water.

But at what temperature?

First of all, you should know that it should never be boiling, but rather simmering,

otherwise the tea leaves will be damaged.

Then, the idea is simple: the more the tea is oxidized, the hotter the water can be

How long should you infuse tea?

Although everyone can choose the infusion time to their own taste, it is advisable to let the tea infuse for at least 3 minutes and no more than 8 minutes. All tea tins contain the necessary indications for optimal infusion, so why not follow them? Forgot your lecture on the different teas?

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