At Kusmi, we’re celebrating Christmas at the fair amidst carousels, big wheels and rounds of coconut shy.

In this magical universe, our iconic Tsarevna organic black tea is making its big comeback this year.

Our limited edition organic black tea returns to delight your loved ones this Christmas, but it’s far from the only choice.

Gift sets, Advent calendars and Christmas teas… Do your Christmas shopping at Kusmi!

Kusmi 2020 Advent calendar: No missing doors, promise!

Is there anything more delightful than enjoying a lovely organic tea, flavoured tea or herbal tea every evening as you await Christmas? In 2020, we have hand-picked the best for our Kusmi Tea Advent calendar.

Our organic Kusmi Advent calendar may just overshadow your stunning Christmas tree, the king of the forest, because the calendar is also going green this year. Made with no plastic and entirely organic, our Advent calendar with organic teas, flavoured teas and herbal teas and tea accessories will keep you going until the long-awaited Christmas dinner. As a matter of fact, how about a nice organic tea to help digest the meal?

Tsarevna, our spiced organic Christmas tea

If we were to recommend one spiced organic tea to get you through the winter days, what would it be? Our iconic organic black tea called Tsarevna.

Our Tsarevna spiced organic black tea is our classic Christmas tea. Every year, it comes back in a new Kusmi box. This year, our spiced tea is making its big comeback in an enchanted and magical fair-themed setting. And because the more organic, the better, our limited edition black tea is also organic. It is available as loose tea or a gift set with 24 overwrapped tea bags to take with you anywhere.

With its stunning green packaging, our Tsarevna black tea is the perfect gift for all tea lovers. You can also find our Tsarevna in a Christmas gift set with black tea and a themed mug.

Flavoured and herbal teas to warm you up

Is there anything better than a lovely organic theine-free flavoured or herbal tea to warm you up in the evening?

It’s lucky that we have the perfect winter tea flavours. Organic cinnamon tea, organic ginger tea, teas with other spices… Which spiced organic flavoured or herbal tea will you choose for Christmas?

If you love spiced flavoured and herbal teas, especially with aniseed, our organic flavoured tea with 7 spices called Only Spices is perfect for you.

Are you desperate for a taste of ginger in your organic Christmas tea? Happy Mind is a tea flavoured with ginger, lemon and dragonfruit that is bound to wake you up.

Discover our selection of organic flavoured and herbal teas that were made to get you through the winter.

Spiced teas perfect for winter

Oh, the smell of cinnamon, vanilla and spices that fills a room… It’s exactly what we want when Christmas is around the corner.

Next stop: spiced teas. Whether you love green tea or black tea, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Lover of chai lattes?

Our Kashmir Tchai black tea and Tchai of the Tiger spiced organic black tea will be perfect for making your own homemade chai teas or chai lattes.

More of a gourmet tea fan?

Our Prince Wladimir tea is a favourite Kusmi tea blend and a must-have during end-of-year festivities. A blend made from Earl Grey, Prince Wladimir is a black tea with full-bodied vanilla and tangy hints of grapefruit, orange and lime.

And to tackle the temperature drop, our organic ginger and lemon green tea will help keep the doctor away. It is a refreshing organic green tea perfect as a pick-me-up during the day.