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French Mug with infuser & lid | Red


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€ 29,90 EUR
(58.63 €/kg)

French Mug - Curve Tall Tea Mug - 0.44L/15oz - Red

The ceramic French Mug in red contains a large mug, a filter and a lid. Original and modern, it is the perfect tea accessory for a gift !

The ceramic French Mug is decorated with flowers with the Eiffel Tower pattern - this is the major symbol of Paris where the brand set up in 1917. Its original design makes it the perfect accessory to give as a gift. The French Mug has a stainless steel filter which makes it easy to brew all types of tea. Its lid keeps the tea hot and serves as a filter holder after the infusion.

Did you know

Kusmi Tea is showing its French identity with this pretty herbal tea mug with iconic decoration.