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How does the EIGENART double wall glass bottle contribute to sustainable tea consumption? A: The EIGENART bottle, made with durable materials, allows users to take their tea everywhere, reducing the need for single-use cups and promoting sustainable consumption habits.

How does the micro-perforated stainless steel filter in the EIGENART bottle promote eco-friendliness? A: The reusable micro-perforated filter reduces waste by eliminating the need for disposable tea bags or single-use filters.

Eigenart is a brand known for tea accessories. How does its original design approach impact sustainability? A: By offering durable and unique products, Eigenart encourages long-term use and reduces the frequency of product replacement, promoting sustainability. See more


How does the QWETCH insulated bottle's design emphasize eco-friendliness and sustainability? Made of durable stainless steel, the QWETCH insulated bottle is intended for long-term use, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable beverage consumption.

In terms of environmental impact, how does the long thermal retention of the QWETCH bottle contribute to sustainability? By keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, users are less likely to discard half-consumed beverages, reducing waste.

How does Qwetch's background as a French brand emphasize eco-friendliness in its products? Qwetch focuses on developing environmentally-friendly travel products, ensuring that users can maintain sustainable habits even on the go.


How does T.TOTEM's porcelain teapot design support sustainable tea preparation? By allowing tea to be brewed directly in the mug, it reduces the need for multiple vessels, promoting minimalism and reducing resource consumption.

In terms of sustainability, what advantage does the T.TOTEM tea mug offer with its materials? The mug's porcelain and stainless steel components are long-lasting and durable, promoting extended use and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

How does the T.TOTEM mug's compatibility with microwaves and dishwashers promote eco-friendly practices? Being dishwasher safe ensures efficient cleaning with reduced water waste, and microwave compatibility (without the filter) allows for energy-efficient reheating, both promoting eco-friendly usage.


How does the Ouessant tea mug from La Rochère showcase sustainable and eco-friendly design? A: The Ouessant tea mug is made of durable tempered glass, which can withstand significant thermal shocks, ensuring longevity. Additionally, the use of a bamboo lid, a renewable resource, emphasizes sustainability and reduces the reliance on non-biodegradable materials.

How does the microperforated filter in the Ouessant tea mug contribute to sustainable tea consumption? A: The reusable microperforated filter encourages the brewing of loose-leaf teas, reducing the demand for single-use tea bags and their associated waste, which in turn promotes a more eco-friendly tea experience.

Given La Rochère's long-standing history and dedication to authentic objects, how does the company incorporate sustainability and timelessness in its products? A: La Rochère, with its rich heritage dating back to 1475, blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Their products, like the Ouessant tea mug, are designed to be both stylish and timeless, encouraging long-term use and reducing the environmental footprint associated with frequent product replacement. The company's emphasis on authentic stories inspired by tradition and French terroirs further roots their products in a legacy of sustainable and conscientious craftsmanship.


How does purchasing the Mint Green Tea with natural rose flavor contribute to a charitable cause? Purchasing this tea helps fight against breast cancer, as 100% of the profits go directly to the Ruban Rose breast cancer charity.

What is the significance of Pink October in relation to the Mint Green Tea ? Pink October is a month-long campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer, and the Mint Green Tea with natural rose flavor is featured as the guest of honor for this campaign by Kusmi Tea.

What flavors can be expected in the Mint Green Tea with natural rose flavor blend? The tea offers the freshness of mint, the subtlety of rose, and a base of delicate green tea.

How does the packaging design of this particular blend resonate with its purpose? The blend boasts a contemporary design in nuances of pink, representing the diversity of women with a range of elegant silhouettes, especially made for Pink October.

How long should the Mint Green Tea with natural rose be brewed for optimal taste? It should be brewed for 3-4 minutes.

At what temperature is it recommended to brew this tea? The recommended brewing temperature is 75 °C.

How does this tea blend align with the spirit of sharing and advancing research? By purchasing this tea, consumers not only enjoy a succulent tea-time but also contribute directly to advancing breast cancer research, embodying a spirit of sharing and community.

Is the Mint Green Tea with natural rose flavor organic? Yes, it is an organic blend with ingredients like organic mint green tea, mint leaves, and natural rose flavor.

Mint Green Tea with Natural Rose Flavor (Organic)

How does the sustainable packaging of this organic mint green tea contribute to its eco-friendly nature? The tea comes in plastic-free packaging, emphasizing both its commitment to sustainability and its organic nature.

Tchaï of the Tiger (Organic)

Are there reviews available for the Tchaï of the Tiger, and how does it fit into the shop's organic loose leaf selection? Yes, with a rating of 4.71/5, it's one of our top-rated organic teas available in our shop's loose leaf collection.

BB Detox (Organic)

Is the BB Detox tea offered in a sampler or as a stand-alone product for sale? BB Detox, a delightful green tea blend, is available both as a stand-alone product and as part of various sampler sets on sale.

Boost (Organic)

How does the Boost tea blend differ in taste and price from other green tea blends in the shop? Boost combines green tea with mate and ginger, offering a unique flavor. Its price is reflective of its premium organic ingredients.

Imperial Label (Organic)

What kind of packaging is used for the Imperial Label blend to ensure freshness and sustainability? The Imperial Label blend comes in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging that retains the freshness of its herbal ingredients.

Anastasia (Organic)

In terms of reviews, how well-received is the Anastasia blend among black teas in the shop? A: Anastasia boasts a high rating of 4.78/5, making it one of the favorite black teas in our shop.

Gunpowder green tea (Organic)

How does the Gunpowder green tea blend fit into the shop's commitment to offering sustainable and organic teas? Being a pure, organic green tea from China, Gunpowder showcases our dedication to offering sustainable and ethically sourced teas.

Petit déjeuner à l'Elysée (Organic)

Is there a gift box option available when purchasing Petit déjeuner à l'Elysée for someone special? A: Absolutely! You can choose to present this tea in a beautifully designed, sustainable gift box available in our shop.

Organic Prince Vladimir

How does the Organic Prince Vladimir stand out in terms of flavor among the loose leaf Earl Grey teas available? Organic Prince Vladimir enriches the classic Earl Grey with a delightful orange twist, setting it apart from other blends in our loose leaf collection.

Darjeeling N°37 (Organic)

Considering its reviews and price, how does the Darjeeling N°37 rank among black teas in the sale section? A: With a rating of 4.94/5 and its competitive price, Darjeeling N°37 is one of the top picks among black teas on sale in our shop. See less