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What is the main ingredient in the "Lovely Night" tea?

The main ingredient in "Lovely Night" is Rooibos. See more

How much does the "Organic Rooibos Kusmi Tea" refill bag cost?

The refill bag costs € 5,90.

What are the main ingredients in the "Only Spices" tea?

The main ingredients are Fennel, licorice, and anise.

How much tea does the "Feel Zen" tin contain?

The "Feel Zen" tin contains 100g of tea.

What flavors can be expected from the "Vanilla Rooibos" tea?

The "Vanilla Rooibos" tea is flavored with vanilla.

Which tea has the flavor of almonds?

The "Almond Rooibos" tea has the flavor of almonds.

How much does the "Be Cool" tea-filled tin weigh?

The "Be Cool" tea-filled tin weighs 90g.

Is the "Kusmi Herbal teas set" caffeinated?

No, it is caffeine-free.

Is "The Spices Tea Bags Set" currently available for purchase?

No, is currently unavailable.

How many products listed here are specifically labeled as "Organic"?

All the products listed here are labeled as "Organic."

Which tea blend contains apple and lemon balm?

The "Feel Zen" tea blend contains apple and lemon balm.

What is the cost of the "Kusmi Herbal teas gift set"?

It costs € 37,90.

Which tea has the highest customer rating?

The "Vanilla Rooibos" tea has the highest customer rating of 4.79/5.

Which Kusmi tea would make a memorable Christmas present?

The "Kusmi Herbal teas gift set" would be a delightful choice, especially for someone who enjoys a variety of flavors.

For a festive holiday mood, which Kusmi blend would you recommend?

The "Winter Delight" with its flavors of Rooibos, spices, and cocoa captures the essence of the holiday season, making it an excellent choice for Christmas evenings.

Are there any special holiday-themed Kusmi teas suitable for a Christmas gathering?

Yes, the "Winter Delight" is a festive blend that combines the warmth of Rooibos with the zest of spices and the richness of cocoa, perfect for Christmas festivities.

Which Kusmi tea, with its festive notes, would complement the Christmas holiday ambiance best?

The "Lovely Night" with its soothing blend of Rooibos, honeybush, and linden would set the perfect tone for a relaxed holiday evening by the Christmas tree. See less