The essential Earl Grey tea, a black tea with bergamot.

The One and Only Earl Grey Tea

Full-bodied and packed with character, Earl Grey’s reputation certainly precedes it! This English bergamot tea is the star of the breakfast table. Believe it or not, Earl Grey is the world’s most consumed tea! Read on to find out more…


A Tea of Legendary Beginnings

According to one legend, Earl Grey is named after an earl and British prime minister, Charles Grey. Earl Grey was supposedly the first person add the bergamot citrus fruit to his tea, or at least the first one in Europe…

It is said he brought the recipe back from a trip to China and gave it to the Jacksons of Piccadilly tea house, which then named this timeless blend in his honor.



An Iconic Flavor Pairing

This English tea is probably the best-known of all flavored teas. This is partly thanks to the perfect pairing of its two ingredients, black tea and bergamot.


The Black Tea Success Story

Bergamot tea is also the most consumed tea in France, as well as England!

It owes its success to its unique flavor and bold character. Earl Grey is not as bitter as green tea thanks to its fermentation, and black tea can also be kept for several years. Its flavor doesn’t diminish over time, whereas green tea loses its freshness after 12-18 months. 

Black tea is also renowned for its health benefits! Its high levels of antioxidants stimulate and revitalize our bodies. What’s more, black tea contains theaflavins, which are formed during the fermentation of green tea leaves. We still don’t know much about the effects of these natural chemicals, but they are said to have antibacterial properties and help to reduce cholesterol. It’s certainly worth a try! 

Last but not least, black tea is often used in flavored blends. It works particularly well with different combinations, and bergamot is one of the best!



Bergamot, Queen of Calabria

Bergamot (generally used as an essential oil) lends a refreshing, lively, delicate touch to black tea, and its delicious flavor is truly unique. 

The fruit, which is rarely enjoyed raw as the flesh is too bitter, is thought to come from a combined strain of limes and oranges. It is also highly sought-after in perfumery, it is mainly grown in the southern Italian region of Calabria.

Just like tea, this Italian citrus fruit contains antioxidants. The essential oil is also used as a deworming agent, can fight against intestinal parasites, and its high levels of vitamin A may help to keep our eyes and skin healthy! It is also packed with vitamin C, which boosts our immune system. In the cold winter months, there’s nothing better than a hot bergamot tea enjoyed by the fire!

Curious readers can even combine this English tea with other beneficial ingredients…


Earl Grey and its Delicious Blends

Earl Grey can be enjoyed as a classic version, but also works well with other ingredients. The most daring among you can even try to invent new combinations. The most popular recipes include Earl Grey:

-          with a Polish twist, topped with lemon and lime flavors for a tangier taste.
-          flavored with lavender.

-          with milk and vanilla syrup.

-          with rose petals.

-          with orange blossom, as seen in the iconic Anastasia blend.

A whole host of flavorsome experiences await, so you can discover your favorite Earl Grey tea.

If you’re feeling hungry, then don’t forget that tea and bergamot are both perfect for indulging in a snack…


Recipe: Earl Grey Muffins

English tea can be used to flavor countless recipes. For dessert, we suggest an Earl Grey muffin:

1.  Preheat the oven to 356°F/180°C.
2.  Mix 7 oz. of sugar, 7 oz. of flour, and one sachet of vanilla sugar.
3.  Heat 20 ml of milk.
4.  Infuse two bags of Earl Grey tea.
5.  Remove from the heat, add 3.5 oz. of melted butter, and mix.
6.  Add in 2 beaten eggs and whisk together.
7.  Add the flour/sugar mixture.
8.  Add 1 sachet of yeast.
9.  Pour the mixture gently into silicone muffin tins.
10. Put in the oven for 30 minutes and check regularly.
11.  Enjoy! But careful, they’re hot!

Try out this delicious recipe with bergamot tea and share your photos with us on social media (@KusmiTea)!

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