Our selection of teas and infusions for Father's Day

Father's Day

Whether he's your Superman, Iron Man, or even the Hulk, Father's Day is a perfect occasion to give him the gift he deserves! Searching for Father's Day gift ideas? Look no further, here are our gift ideas to make your dad happy on his special day!


Tea dad, or tea? Our organic teas and infusions to give on Father's Day.


A gift for a morning dad - Our organic black tea: Morning tea N° 24



The best reason to wake up… a blend of three great organic black teas! Dads who are fans of black teas will not be disappointed. And the novices will be initiated from the first breakfast! By the way… this excellent organic blend is even better with a drop of milk. Perfect to start the day on the right foot!


For a hyperactive dad - Our Organic Earl Grey Intense

Organic Earl Grey Intense is a black tea flavoured with bergamot essential oil and tangy notes courtesy of lemon peel. Perfect for dynamic dads! It's a tea with a seductive character to be shared at breakfast or tea time.


A gift idea for the coolest of dads? Obviously, the organic verbena and mint infusion named Be Cool



He is proud of you whatever you do, he is there to help and encourage you, he is simply the coolest dad in the world! Now it's time to give him a Father's Day gift befitting of his image. Our Be Cool infusion with mint and organic verbena leaves, ably supported by apple and liquorice, will suffice to offer him a few sweet, serene moments, while contemplating the cup half full and looking on the bright side of life. Finally, a more original Father's Day gift than a personalised mug with SuperDaddy on it.


The ideal tea for a dad who likes to cook The Alain Ducasse Selection Box with tea tong

Is your dad a real cordon bleu? Fan of Top Chef? We found the perfect tea gift box for him: a box created in collaboration with the great chef Alain Ducasse. We are absolutely sure that a dad who cooks will love this box containing 5 plain and flavoured teas with unique characters and original flavours. The icing on the cake: this exceptional tea set also comes with a tea tong. Here is a Father's Day gift ready and waiting.


Petit Déjeuner à L’Elysée for patriotic dads who are "proud to be blue"



At Kusmi, we are proud to be blue all year round. As a fervent defender of the made in France label, it is only natural that we support our heritage. Petit Déjeuner à L’Elysée is green tea with maté and lemon, whose sales contribute to the renovation of the Elysée Palace, 300 years after its construction. With its tea caddy in French colours, Petit Déjeuner à L’Elysée is a gift with commitment for a dad who is a fan of the blue, white and red flag.


Our boxes of teas and infusions for Father's Day


A gift for a gourmet dad - Les Essentiels gift box




This gift will allow him to discover the most beautiful Kusmi blends with its 24 sachets of flavoured teas, plain teas and infusions! Does your dad never know which tea to choose between black, green or white? He is sure to find his favourite in this gift box.


A gift idea for a "chill" dad: give him an organic infusion gift box



Need a gift idea for a dad who likes to entertain without taking the lead? Give him an organic infusion gift box that is 100% theine-free. If he likes to finish his dinners with a little drink, this gift box is perfect. What could be better than a little organic herbal tea to finish off the meal?


For the tea expert dad: our boxes of 5 loose tea miniatures.



The renowned green, black and white teas. As a big tea drinker, he constantly likes to discover new tastes and definitely prefers loose tea for its lively flavours. Give him one of our boxes containing 5 loose tea miniatures. Tea Time box, Greens box or our Well-being box… This gift is ideal to introduce him to our different Kusmi blends, whether he is already an expert or not.


Why not give a tea accessory for Father's Day?


For a green dad - The QWETCH insulated container




Perfect for the planet and on-the-go dads! This thermos with a capacity of 50cl keeps tea and herbal tea hot for up to 12 hours thanks to its double stainless steel wall. Perfect for carrying your tea or organic infusion wherever you go.


An exceptional gift for the best of dads: give him a kettle.

Want to give him a great gift for Father's Day this year! Why not finally replace his old kettle from the 70s? We know a little about the art of the kettle at Kusmi. The kettle is essential for preparing teas just right. Want to give him a gift that is as decorative as it is practical? Then try the vintage design of the KitchenAid electric kettles. And if not, why not our Serena Riviera & Bar® kettles with adjustable thermostat so making tea becomes a doddle!