Spring without pollen? Spring tea: our teas and herbal teas with floral notes

Spring tea | Organic teas and herbal teas | Kusmi Tea

Let’s talk flowers and buds, but without the sneezing: check out our range of teas with floral notes. At the end of the day, the best way to appreciate flowers without getting teary-eyed is to drink them… That’s why here at Kusmi, floral notes have taken over our organic teas and herbal teas: from organic rose tea to organic jasmine tea to hibiscus herbal tea, lovers of floral teas are spoilt for choice. Are you looking for the perfect spring tea? Discover our floral teas and herbal teas.

Our spring teas: 8 teas and herbal teas with floral notes to get back into the swing of spring

Organic Alain Ducasse White Tea

When spring makes an appearance and temperatures begin to rise, people are keen to swap spiced teas and herbal teas for delicate flavours and floral notes. Our organic Alain Ducasse white tea is perfect for the season when flowers bloom. Distinctly floral thanks to its subtle hints of rose and fruity on account of the raspberry notes, our organic Alain Ducasse white tea is a refined blend that we love to drink both hot and iced. This floral tea by Alain Ducasse is available in tea tins, as loose-leaf-tea and in boxes of 24 tea bags. Did you know? White tea buds and the first leaves are picked in spring to ensure a rare and precious organic tea.


Organic rose-flavoured floral green tea: Vert Rose

O my Luve’s like a red, red rose… Roses are just as suited for tea as they are for poetry. There’s no doubt about it with our organic rose green tea. Organic rose green tea is definitively a classic among our spring teas and teas with floral notes. Fall for this green tea with its delicate rose flavour and enjoy a soothing break during the day. What did you expect? At Kusmi, we share a passion with Robert Burns: roses, which are plants that are among the most widely grown in the world for their many benefits.



Organic Bouquet de Fleurs N°108

How could we talk about spring tea without mentioning our organic tea called Bouquet de Fleurs N°108? All lovers of floral notes will instantly fall for this organic black tea with floral and fruity flavours including bergamot, lemon, orange, mandarin and ylang-ylang. The cherry on top of the cake is that by choosing Bouquet de Fleurs, you’ll be enjoying Kusmi’s first ever blend. What flower can be found in this floral tea? Our organic Bouquet de Fleurs N°108 is an organic tea made with ylang-ylang. Particularly beloved by renowned perfume brands, ylang-ylang grows on the Cananga tree, a tree from Asia. It is rare and highly coveted as you have to wait between three to five years before picking ylang-ylang flowers. As such, it should really be savoured.


Organic jasmine-flavoured green tea: organic Vert Jasmin

Among enthusiasts of teas with floral notes, there are those who adore roses, those who prefer orange blossoms, and those who – you guessed it – love jasmine. Whether you love it a little, deeply, passionately or madly, you will undoubtedly enjoy this elegant floral green tea. It’s made with not just any flower but with jasmine, a sensual and intoxicating white blossom. Intense and pure at the same time, jasmine fits in wonderfully among organic green tea leaves. And since spring is around the corner together with warm weather, our organic Vert Jasmin can be enjoyed either hot or iced.


Organic bergamot and orange blossom white tea: White Anastasia

Oh, orange blossoms! These flowers with a distinctive scent win over anyone who comes across them. We must admit, we’re also not immune to the white flower and its charms. That’s why orange blossoms are perfectly suited for our organic bergamot white tea called White Anastasia, the younger sister of Kusmi’s signature tea. It’s impossible to resist this white tea with floral notes.


White Anastasia




Organic green tea with lemon and cornflower petals: organic Petit déjeuner à l'Elysée

Did you know that our wide range of spring teas includes a blend that stands out on account of its colour? From the tin to the blend itself, our organic Petit déjeuner à l'Elysée bio reflects France’s national colours. The cornflower petals mean that the blue from the French flag is an integral part of this lemon-flavoured green tea blend.

Hibiscus herbal tea

Hibiscus and exotic fruit herbal tea: AquaExotica

Are you in the hibiscus fan club? We have some good news. Hibiscus, a flower that will take you on a journey in the blink of an eye, is the basis for many of our organic herbal tea blends. AquaExotica, for example, is our organic fruity herbal tea made with hibiscus and boasting exotic flavours of mango and dragon fruit, which will take you straight under tropical palm trees in just one sip.




Organic and hibiscus and red fruit herbal tea: AquaRosa

Try hibiscus herbal tea with our organic herbal tea called AquaRosa. On the one hand, the hibiscus and its tart notes makes you want to travel. On the other hand, the red fruit, apple and blackberries add an essential gourmet touch. The cherry on the cake is that our organic hibiscus herbal tea AquaRosa is delicious both hot and iced.