Lemon tea: why is it so good... and how do you make it at home?


Why settle for just a plain tea, when you can add a touch of citrus fruit? In addition to its pleasing taste (fruity and slightly acidic), lemon has many benefits. Green or black, let us tell you all about lemon tea and its potential benefits.


Where does lemon tea come from?


It's hard to know when these two met for the first time! While tea comes from Asia, lemon is typically from the Mediterranean basin. Lemon has appeared above all in the preparation of iced teas, similar to mint or fruits, responsible for providing extra flavour. But many tea lovers also like to pop a slice of lemon into their teapot or steaming cup of tea.


Is it a good idea to put lemon in your tea?


Yes, is the answer from those who appreciate the tangy flavour of lemon. It can add a little pep…. to a tea that needs something extra. Conversely, for others, it is sacrilege to add lemon to a tea, because it alters the subtle taste of green tea, black tea and white tea. It's for each to try it and decide for themselves!


What are the benefits of lemon tea?




Lemon is all good! Rich in vitamin C, it is renowned for its detoxifying properties: it helps digestion and the elimination of toxins. Tea contains antioxidants (catechins) which are said to have beneficial effects that boost the immune system as well as protecting the body from cellular aging and certain cardiovascular diseases. But what do the two together offer? Well, a study published in 2007* suggests that adding lemon juice (or lime juice) preserves a large part of the antioxidants in tea... which would otherwise be destroyed. Indeed, usually 80% of catechins are destroyed by the digestive system before being able to pass into the blood. However, during this laboratory study, adding lemon juice would have increased the number of antioxidant molecules in the blood.


How do you make homemade lemon tea?


Detox organic


Lemon tea is drunk all year round, being as delicious hot as it is iced. Depending on your tastes, whether you like it light or strong, you can choose between a lime green tea and a lemon black tea. To make it, nothing could be simpler: all you need to do is prepare a plain tea and then add a spoonful of lemon juice per cup. Fans of nice presentation will know to add a slice of lemon, while those with a sweet tooth will add a spoon of honey to bring a little roundness to compensate for the acidity, or to relieve a sore throat. Fancy making another lemon tea the next day? This time use the lemon zest, and let it infuse.


What lemon teas does Kusmi Tea offer?


thé vert bio gingembre-citron


Citrus lovers will not be able to resist several flagship Kusmi teas. First, the organic ginger-lemon green tea, which combines the warmth and boldness of ginger, with the freshness and spontaneity of lemon. Then we have the Petit déjeuner à l’Elysée organic tea, where green tea and maté blend with notes of lemon and lemongrass (... for a true awakening!). Then comes the organic detox tea, a tonic blend of green tea, maté and lemon. Followed by the organic Earl Grey Intense, a black tea blended with the power of essential bergamot oil and tangy notes of lemon peel. And finally the organic Anastasia tea, an Earl Grey black tea with bergamot, and a hint of lemon and orange blossom. So, where do you want to start?