Kusmi Tea x Chantal Thomass, together against breast cancer

Pink October
Kusmi Tea x Chantal Thomass, together against breast cancer

One in nine women will suffer from a form of breast cancer at some point in their life. Fortunately, there is promising progress made by research every single year, and Kusmi is joining the fight! To contribute to and accelerate the effort, since 2015 we have supported the Breast Cancer Research FondationAnd we’re not about to stop now!


A Kusmi Tea x Chantal Thomass blend for Octobre Rose

As sharing is an essential value at Kusmi, we never act alone. In October – the month devoted to raising awareness about breast cancer – we are proving our solidarity more than ever! As part of the “Octobre Rose 2020” month-long event, for the third year in a row Kusmi Tea is joining forces with the incredibly talented designer and empress of chic lingerie Chantal Thomass to support research. When solidarity, fashion, and delicious flavors combine, the result is a moment of pure pleasure!



Get ready for a mint green tea with natural rose flavors from Kusmi. This limited-edition blend is organic and oh-so irresistible. The beautiful tin is decorated with elegant black lace – both daring and feminine – designed by Chantal Thomass. All profits will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fondation. which is just as committed as Kusmi and Chantal Thomass to women, their health, and their well-being.


Stronger together!

Pour son thé engagé, Kusmi a voulu une boîte signée. « Nous associer de nouveau à Chantal Thomass contre le cancer du sein pour Octobre Rose ? Une évidence absolue ! », s’exclame Sylvain Orebi, notre Président chez Kusmi Tea. « Chantal est une femme de cœur pour laquelle j’ai beaucoup d’admiration. On ne compte plus nos points communs : un fort engagement caritatif en faveur des femmes et des enfants, une belle dose d’optimisme, un idéal de liberté, un goût prononcé pour une originalité teintée d’élégance… Je suis heureux et fier de ce partenariat. » 

Kusmi wanted a designer to create the tin for its charitable tea. “Teaming up with Chantal Thomass again for Octobre Rose in the fight against breast cancer was an obvious decision,” says Sylvain Orebi, CEO of Kusmi Tea. “Chantal is a wonderful woman whom I admire greatly. We have so much in common: a strong, charitable commitment to helping women and children, a healthy dose of optimism, a staunch ideal of freedom, and a developed taste for elegant originality. I am delighted and proud of this partnership.”




By way of reply, Chantal Thomass revealed that she “has always loved Kusmi Tea. I discovered the brand a long time ago. I really enjoy their teas and I adore choosing each one. The Kusmi Tea blends are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds! I have had so much fun working on the Octobre Rose tin to help the fight against breast cancer – a cause very dear to my heart. I used the iconic codes from my own creative world – femininity, pink, black, lace, and padding – which are in harmony with those from Kusmi’s identity.”


A green tea with mint with natural aroma of organic rose

Le Thé vert à la menthe à l’arôme naturel de rose Kusmi Tea x Chantal Thomass est bio par respect pour notre planète et composé d’arômes 100% naturels parce que c’est naturel d’aimer ce qui nous fait du bien. Celui-ci sera disponible en ligne et dans toutes les boutiques Kusmi d’octobre à décembre 2020. 

The Kusmi Tea x Chantal Thomass mint green tea with natural rose flavors is organic out of respect for our planet, and features fully natural flavors because it is natural to love what is good for us. This blend will be available online and in all Kusmi stores from October through December 2020.