Choosing your morning tea. Welcome to the Breakfast Club by Kusmi

Choosing your morning tea | Kusmi Tea

Today, we are looking back at cult movie The Breakfast Club with five morning teas! Ready for a world-class cast? Lights, camera, action!

While some people hop out of bed, whistling a tune and smiling, here at Kusmi we like a delicious, organic tea to help us wake up. But which organic Kusmi tea should you choose to have with breakfast? Which tea should you drink in the morning to get your day off to a great start? And which organic blend will make you forget the warmth of your cozy duvet?

Here is our selection of five morning teas to enjoy as soon as you get up, with breakfast, or on the way to work.


5 morning teas to wake you up.


6 a.m.: Lovely Morning, an organic green tea with maté and citrus


Which tea should you drink to get that “rise and shine” feeling?

Our Lovely Morning organic green tea with citrus. In the morning, the organic green tea and maté in Lovely Morning will quickly make you forget your night’s sleep. Meanwhile, the grapefruit-lemon-orange trio of our morning tea will give you that boost you need to get up… on the right side of bed, we promise! When theine meets maté, we know your morning will be packed with energy… even following a long night of uninterrupted sleep after overindulging in Lovely Night, our organic verbena and linden herbal tea

They say there’s always a good reason to get up! And ours is Lovely Morning, an organic green tea with maté and citrus.


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7 a.m.: Russian Morning N°24, a blend of organic black teas from Asia

Are you looking for a tea to drink in the morning? Let’s get straight to it: you won’t find much better than our organic Russian Morning N°24. Our blend of three organic black teas certainly lives up to its name. This tea will quickly find a place on your breakfast table. Firstly, because black tea pairs perfectly with traditional bread and butter, but also because our Russian Morning N°24 is an organic black tea with character, sure to turn heads in the morning.

Our organic Russian Morning N°24 is a balanced black tea combining:

  • An organic black tea from China with subtle notes, also known as Grand Yunnan.

  • An organic black Ceylon tea with a round, chocolaty taste.

  • A black Assam tea with a strong flavor. 

We’re sure that lovers of black teas will be delighted with our Russian Morning N°24. As for newcomers, you will become experts after the first sip of this organic black tea. And to top it all off, this morning tea is even better with a drop of milk! What better than a delicious tea latte for waking up with a smile on your face?


8 a.m.: Organic English Breakfast, a blend of three black teas from Asia


What would our Breakfast Club be without a strong British accent? Elementary, my dear Watson! With our organic English Breakfast black tea, we are inviting you to share a table with Elisabeth II, and maybe even James Bond! But don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you don’t enjoy your organic English Breakfast black tea with the traditional “beans” from the full English breakfast.

Whatever you accompany it with, our organic English Breakfast black tea promises to wake you up thanks to its blend of powerful flavors with an organic Ceylon black tea and an organic Assam black tea.

For a breakfast fit for a Queen, add a drop of milk into your organic black tea, and don’t forget to stick out your little finger as you drink it!


9 a.m.: Anastasia, the legendary organic Earl Grey by Kusmi

We couldn’t tell you about morning teas without mentioning our iconic organic Earl Grey, a black tea with bergamot named Anastasia. The daughter of tsar Nicholas II has the same bold character as her father. So much so that her morning tea is crafted in her image! After a single sip of our organic Earl Grey, you will instantly understand Anastasia’s strong yet sweet character. With hints of lemon and orange blossom, you can count on this organic black tea to gently wake you from your morning drowsiness. 

Even if you don’t believe in fairy tales, you can reawaken the princess within you by enjoying a cup of organic Anastasia! Now that’s a morning tea that will wake you up while making your dreams come true. 

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10 a.m.: Organic Green Tea with ginger and lemon


Game, set, match! When ginger and lemon decide to go head-to-head in the same organic green tea, the only possible result is an eye-opening showdown! While lemon takes the lead with a zesty serve, ginger rallies like pro with a spicy forehand. Although these two organic ingredients give each other a great game right down to the match point, they both emerge victorious when it comes to waking you up in the morning. Especially when the competition is refereed by an organic green tea. Thanks to its theine content, organic green tea is ideal for giving you a boost in the morning. You did say you wanted a green tea to wake you up, didn’t you? 

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You must know by now that we love breakfasts with our five morning teas here at Kusmi. So, which morning tea will you choose? Whether you prefer Russian Morning N°24, organic Green Tea with ginger and lemon, or Lovely Morning, these organic teas will make sure you rehydrate as soon as you get out of bed.



What are the benefits of drinking tea in the morning with breakfast?


Should we drink tea when we wake up?

Have you been hearing the same thing over and over again? “You have to drink water as soon as you wake up!


But why is drinking water when you wake up good for you?

You get dehydrated after a night nestled under the covers! Just like after a good workout, you have to rehydrate yourself. Room-temperature water or green or black tea in the morning before you eat helps you to hydrate what is known as the “lymphatic system,” which is essential to keep your body functioning smoothly. Many studies have actually proved that it is important to drink when you wake up in the morning to rehydrate the body after long hours spent not drinking while you sleep. Simple!

Drinking in the morning also helps you wake up more easily. When we drink, we wake up our stomachs and therefore our brains as well. In a word, drinking water in the morning means being more awake and having more energy throughout the day.


Our tip for enjoying the benefits of tea in the morning


While drinking a BIG glass of water first thing can sometimes be impossible, we recommend replacing your glass of water with a mug of your favorite green tea, white tea, or black tea. Warm water is also supposed to be better for rehydrating. If you can do your body good while also enjoying it, why not drink your favorite organic green tea when your get up?