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Gusseiserne Teekanne Arare 0,55
With filter - IWACHU Blau und Silber

Blau und Silber

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CHF 75,53 CHF CHF 107,90
(CHF 6,07 / 100g)

Arare cast iron teapot 0,55L

Brew your favourite tea using the Arare Cast-Iron Teapot 0,55L, a traditional Japanese accessory.

The Arare Teapot by Iwachu is handmade in Morioka in Japan where cast-iron enamelled products have been made for over 100 years. It has a detachable stainless steel filter for making all types of loose-leaf tea. The 0.55L capacity is ideal for two people. It is perfect for long brewing times as it keeps your tea piping hot.

Was Sie unbedingt wissen sollten

Iwachu is a brand of cast-iron teapots from Nanbu in Japan. It combines tradition, design and modern technology in order to continously improve a product's ease of use, maintenance and lifespan. You can heat up water by directly placing your kettle on the hob at a low temperature.


- Do not place on an open flame.

- If placing on a hob: use a low setting.

- Not suitable for the microwave.

- Do not use washing-up liquid: clean with water only.

- Remove any residue and dry properly after use.

- Wipe the exterior with a dry cloth while it is still hot.

- As the interior has enamel, be careful not to scratch it.