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The Kusmi Tea “Behind the Scenes” Saga: BB DETOX, a totally addictive blend of green tea, maté, and rooibos!

BB Detox, a blend of green tea, maté, and citrus | Kusmi Tea

Following on from the original Detox recipe, we’re taking a peek into the iconic yellow tin of another tea from Kusmi’s Wellness range. BB Detox combines green tea, maté, rooibos, and citrus to create a totally addictive blend!

A blend with a tangy punch

Inspired by the success of the lemony Detox blend, the first in the Wellness range, Kusmi Tea continued to innovate – much to the delight of those looking to slow down and indulge while enjoying natural, carefully developed teas. The result was BB Detox, a tea as fresh, revitalizing, and delicious as its predecessor, but with sweet notes of grapefruit to make it even more original. This unique blend quickly won over tea connoisseurs in search of flavorsome new experiences. But that’s not all… Kusmi Tea kept up its delectable efforts and BB Detox was soon followed by another blend in a fully blue tin. However, that chapter in our saga will have to wait for another time…

Green tea, maté, rooibos, and citrus 
Just like our Detox tea, BB Detox is only made of the
highest quality ingredients carefully selected in producing countries. This wonderfully natural tea is also the product of Kusmi’s longstanding know-how and artisanal methods. When developing BB Detox, Kusmi also chose a sophisticated base combining Chinese green tea with Brazilian maté.
But this time we added in some rooibos, the delicious “red bush” (its meaning in Afrikaans) found in South Africa.
Would you like to know a little more about this bush? When looking closely at a blend containing rooibos, you will easily spot its slim needles – which look a lot like pines needles – cut into small pieces. This bush from the Acacia family grows up to six feet tall and is found in South Africa, the only country with suitable soil.
Rooibos is harvested from January through March during the summer in this hemisphere! Its leaves are then spread out in the open air and sprayed with water before being left to dry in the sun. Rooibos is 
caffeine-free and contains very few tannins. This means it can be enjoyed all day long, while offering a certain lightness to our BB Detox.
Kusmi then took this blend of green tea, maté, and rooibos and added a fruity citrus touch. Grapefruit offers irresistibly bold and sweet notes to create a
truly original blend! Did you know? The word for “grapefruit” in French is pamplemousse, which comes from the Dutch pomplemoes, meaning “large lemon.” Everything is connected! And that’s not all… BB Detox has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It also features a pinch of guarana (the renowned little red seed known for its countless benefits, discovered thousands of years ago by the native peoples of the Amazon), aniseed flavors of fennel, refreshing hints of mint, and the vitamins and minerals found in dandelion..
Now you know everything! We often find it hard to choose between Detox and BB Detox. Do you prefer lemon or grapefruit?
Or perhaps you just have to have both?