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($14.37 / oz)

The Essentials Gift Set
Black and green teas

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$22.99 USD
($14.37 / oz)

Assortment of 24 flavored tea and herbal tea mousseline tea bags

A total of 24 flavored teas and delicious herbal teas by Kusmi are included in the organic Essentials gift set. You just have to get your hands on it!

The Essentials gift set boast 8 organic signature blends from the Kusmi Tea brand: 

  • • Prince Vladimir, a daring blend of black tea, citrus, vanilla, and spices 
  • • Anastasia, an Earl Grey with a dash of lemon and orange blossom, as enigmatic as Princess Anastasia herself
  • • BB Detox, a must-try blend of green tea, mate, and grapefruit
  • • Detox, a refreshing recipe of green tea, mate, and lemon
  • • Spearmint green tea, a green tea with mint that will take you to Morocco in a single sip
  • • AquaRosa, a bold herbal tea with hibiscus and red fruits
  • • AquaSummer, an herbal tea with peach and apricot to keep that summer feeling all year long
  • • Tropical White, a white tea with mango and passionfruit

We’re sure you’ll absolutely love this selection.

Les Essentiels bio sachets

Spearmint green tea

Les Essentiels bio sachets


Thé noir earl grey, citron

Les Essentiels bio sachets

Tropical White

White tea, mango, passion fruit

Les Essentiels bio sachets


Herbal tea hibiscus, red berry

Les Essentiels bio sachets

Prince Vladimir

Earl Grey black tea, orange

Les Essentiels bio sachets

BB Detox

Green tea, mate, grapefruit

Les Essentiels bio sachets


Green tea, yerba mate, lemon

Les Essentiels bio sachets


Herbal tea hibiscus, peach, apricot

Les essentiels
Les essentiels
Les essentiels
Les essentiels