This production process, firmly anchored in the Le Havre area, makes Kusmi Tea a full member of The French Fab, a movement promoting “Made in France” industries.

The French Fab network is the Banque Publique d’Investissement initiative to promote Made in France expertise and industry.

The aim is to bring together companies representing “industry the French way”, “the French industry ecosystem”, in short, the industrial flagship of France!

In 2020, Kusmi presented “Petit déjeuner à l’Élysée”, an organic tricolour recipe born of its collaboration with the Presidency of the Republic, which entrusted it with the creation of its organic tea. This partnership is based on shared values: on the one hand, traditional skills and expertise; on the other hand, the French art of living and conviviality.

And all this with respect for the environment, which is essential for the planet.

A product of responsible agriculture and labelled organic, this tea is made using traditional production methods, a true reflection of the company’s French savoir-faire.

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With “Petit déjeuner à l’Élysée”, Kusmi is also proud to play a part in the restoration of our country’s heritage.

The sale of each product offered by the Elysée shop contributes to financing renovation work on the Elysée Palace, 300 years after its construction, and contributes to preserving our cultural and historical heritage.

Petit déjeuner à l'Élysée >